November 26, 2020

JJ Jardine-Paterson Is Pippa Middleton Ex-Boyfriend

Meet JJ Jardine-Paterson he is Kate Middleton sister Pippa Middleton ex-boyfriend and the handsome man she just spend some time with. Would you like to know more about him?

Pippa middleton ex boyfriend jj jardine paterson

Kate Middleton younger sister 28 year-old Pippa Middleton also known as your Royal Hotness. She used to date former cricketer Alex Loudon, before him she dated George Percy and before him comes our guy JJ Jardine Paterson who met thru friends while both studied at  Edinburgh University, they started dating in 2004, breaking up three years later in 2007. Over the weekend Pippa and JJ Jardine were spotted together having dinner at a hotel restaurant, after that they joined friends at the Crown Hotel in Woodbridge, Suffolk and left together, reuniting  the following day to attend at a mutual friend’s wedding (Georgia Hewlett and Ben Fizherbert).  A friend said about their reunion..

“Pippa looked really happy and relaxed in a striking orange blouse. It is clear they have history. They seemed keen to keep themselves to themselves.” Although they are not back to dating another friend added.. “They’ve remained good friends and now she’s single again we wouldn’t rule it out. JJ ticks all the right boxes — he’s good-looking, sporty, and is from a wealthy family.”

So they are not dating, maybe she is dating Tom Kingston after all, but we still want to hear about him.

29 year-old JJ Jardine Paterson and his family comes from the Jardine Matheson banking family in Hong Kong founded  by William Jardine and James Matheson in 1832. JJ went to William Jardine and James Matheson and graduated from the University of Edinburgh  with a MA in geography in 2006, joined Dalton Strategic Partnership in 2007,  a year later he obtained his IMC or Investment Management Certificate.


JJ Jardine Paterson Pippa Middleton ex boyfriend

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