March 5, 2021

John Charles Villers-Farrow is Mia Farrow’s Brother

This John Charles Villers-Farrow he is the man arrest for child sex abuse and yes, he is actress Mia Farrow’s brother, that we hardly know something about, but we will today, Want to hear about Mr. Villers Farrow?

John charles Villers farrow mugshot

According to two accusers,  they were sexually abuse by John Charles Villers-Farrow from 2000 until 2008, these accusers now adults came out with the accusation this year, it is likely more victims will come out, adding that Villers Farrow was their neighbor, the crimes were committed at John’s home and a camp nearby.

“Two victims came forward recently and said they had been subjected to inappropriate sexual activity when they were eight or nine years old until they were teenagers at the suspect’s residence,”

John charles Villers farrow mugshotJohn Charles Villers Farrow house

Villers- Farrow turned himself in to Anne Arundel County Police Department two days ago, he has bee charged with charged with Second and Third Degree Sex Offense, two counts of  Perverted Practice, two counts of Second Degree Child Abuse, two counts of Sex Abuse of a Minor and two counts of Second Degree Assault. He is being held at the Jennifer Road detention Center on $250,000 bond.

John charles Villers Farrow parents Maureen Sullivan John Farrow

66-year-old John Charles Villers- Farrow is the youngest son and fourth child actress Maureen Sullivan and her first husband Australian film director John Farrow had. John was born on September 6, 1946.

 John Charles Villers Farrow childhood picJohn Charles Villers Farrow childhood pictureJohn Charles Villers Farrow childhood photo

His older brothers were Michael born on 1939 died in 1958, Patrick was born on 1942 killed himself three years ago, then came his older sister 67-year-old Mia and younger sisters 64-year-old Prudence, 63-year-old Stephanie a former actress and model and the youngest is 61-year-old Tisa born Theresa Farrow a former actress and nurse.

Patrick FarrowPrudence FarrowStephanie FarrowTisa Farrow

In 1992 John Villers- Farrow accused Woody Allen of abusing his nephew Dylan when he was 7 at his sister’s attic at her home in Connecticut, Allen denied the charges and said it was not unknown he is claustrophobic and had never been in the attic.

John charles Villers Farrow picJohn charles Villers Farrow pictureJohn charles Villers Farrow

Mia Farrow’s brother resides in Edgewater, Maryland, before that he lived in Annapolis and Essex and before that in New York. John Farrow is married, however we still don’t know to whom and whether of not she was aware of what happened at her house; back in 1967 he was engaged to Tina Willette, she was 17 at the time, John was 21.

In 1996 he was a contestant in 1966 episode of To Tell The Truth with Don Schollander, he made a cameo in the 1954 movie The Last Time I Saw Paris, John Paul Jones. He owned the of Chesapeake Catamaran Center in Annapolis.

John charles Villers Farrow  Mia Farrow brother younger yearsJohn charles Villers Farrow  fiance Tina Willette

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