October 20, 2020

Jolie Denies having Wed Brad Secretly

All you fans of Brangelina may have to wait a bit longer for the official wedding of the most powerful Hollywood couple. Recently Angelina was spotted wearing a gold band instead of her customary engagement ring that she used to wear. When asked by the paparazzi if this band meant the two of them had wed, Jolie was quick to deny it. There were rumors and speculations that Angelina had secretly wed Brad Pit. But the 37 year old actress was quick to say no to a query in this regard from a reporter.84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

During her trip to Africa on humanitarian grounds recently, Angelina Jolie was seen wearing a gold band. A reporter asked, “Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?” “No, it’s not”, replied Angelina. Jolie was on a 4 day trip to Congo to address the issue of rape and violence against women. Angelina has been an envoy of the UN refugee agency. She says that she is a mom and she wakes up every morning and turns on TV to listen to news around the world like everyone else. She says that she wants to be a part of the world in a more positive way. The power couple of Hollywood has been engaged since 2005 and living together since then. In December last year, Brad Pitt told friends they would be marrying soon. This is the reason why there were rumors of their secret marriage doing rounds.


Angelina had been tightlipped on this issue for some time

However, there had been no comments on this issue from Angelina herself for the last 3 months. She had been tightlipped toi questions pertaining to her impending marriage with her fiancé so far. This why there was so much of speculation about her secret marriage with Brad Pitt when she was spotted wearing the gold band during her trip to Congo. She was seen wearing this gold band and not her customary engagement ring that she had been wearing since her engagement to Brad Pitt in 2005. This was enough to raise suspicion in the minds of the paparazzi that Angelina must have wed Brad Pitt secretly as the diamond ring that she wore faithfully all these years had been replaced by a gold band in the same finger.

angelina-jolie-0-300Though the rumor fell flat on its face with this categorical no from Angelina once and for all, the fact that Jolie deemed the question worth answering is what is puzzling many fans of the beautiful actress now. It was in November last year that Pitt told reporters that they plan to get married soon. However, he did not specify the date and the rumors of the wedding of the power couple had been doing rounds since then.

This means that the gold band on the ring finger of the left hand of the Hollywood diva, seen in LA and Africa, is nothing more than a piece of jewelry. Angelina and Brad Pitt are just engaged for the moment and there has been no marriage till date.