March 5, 2021

Josh Kushner’s is Victoria Secret’s Supermodel Karlie Kloss’s Rich Boyfriend! (photos, wiki, video, net worth)

Meet Josh Kushner (Joshua Kushner) now. Josh Kushner’s is Victoria Secret’s Supermodel Karlie Kloss’s rich boyfriend! Josh Kushner, born in 1985, is a talented New York venture capitalist who hits many famous projects such as Instagram! Karlie Kloss seems to be more popular than Josh. This Victoria Secret’s Supermodel, 6-foot tall, is said to be Miranda Kerr’s replacement, now becomes Josh Kushner’s official girlfriend!

Karlie Kloss joshua-kushner

Josh Kushner belongs to the big family of the Kushners – brothers, he was the son American property tycoon Charles Kushner, this infamous father made bank in New York real estate. His elder brother Jared Kushner is also a business magnate. Josh graduated from Harvard Business School in 2011.  

joshua-kushner pic(Josh Kushner at a speech)

Josh Kushner is a talented VC and invested the start-up companies like name brand Kickstarter, Dwolla, and Warby Parker. Kushner’s most successful investment was Instagram which bought it for $1 billion. He was highly successful entrepreneur with hybrid investment including banking, real estate and a lot more,

“he’s a hybrid of an investor and an entrepreneur and is really good at building a business.”

What is Josh Kushner’s net worth??  

Karlie Kloss's boyfriend

It’s said Kushner’s phenomenal success has made her a very wealthy man with net worth more than $200 million, which is similar as Jared Kushner, his older brother. His wealth mostly comes from his investment firm “Thrive Capital” as well as “Kushner Properties”, the real estate company where Joshua helds the major shareholders. 

Josh Kushner has a massive villa in New Jersey and private jet for him to travel around the world for his business. Kushner is also an avid art enthusiast.

His friends said about him,

“He’s cute in a baby-faced way.”

“He’s really good looking and he’s athletic.”

“He’s tall dark and handsome what’s not to love?”

“he’s very shy”

“The best part about working in Silicon Valley is running into these cuties.” 

Josh Kushner’s is Victoria Secret’s Supermodel Karlie Kloss’s photos!

Karlie Kloss checking her bills, seems not want to grow up.

 karlie kloss doesn't want to be a grown up(Josh Kushner’s’s twitter)
 Karlie Kloss with eddie redmayne, her good friends
karlie kloss with eddie redmayne
Karlie Kloss with sweet smile

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