October 20, 2020

Kanye West is Bisexual? Everyone in Music Industry Knows!

Kanye West is Bisexual? This question has been asked for years and denied by Kanye West each time raised. Now there’re some more strong proof to answer this question: Kanye West is Bisexual! This post was written as a comment to one post, saying his friend working in music industry told him and Kanye is bisexual. In fact, everyone in the music industry has known it! And the truth of “Kanye West is Bisexual” has been there for years!

Kanye West Bisexual


Back in 1999, Kanye West’s gmail and myspace account hacked and Kanye seems happy to participate in bisexual pornography. Which revealed that Kanye West might be Bisexual?

kanye west bisexual photos
West said on his blog,

“Who have I hurt so bad that they want to destroy me? Who have I ever spoke about so negatively?”


Then in 2012, Kanye West was suspected to have an affair with designer Riccardo Tisci. And their photos are spreading.

“Which male musician isn’t telling his high-profile girlfriend that he previously had a gay affair with a well-known male fashion designer?”

kanye west bisexual 2

(Kanye West was suspected to have an affair with designer Riccardo Tisci)

Kanye West is Bisexual? Maybe we need to wait for proofs?