March 5, 2021

Kasper Hogan Is Emma Roberts New Boyfriend

Who is Emma Roberts dating now? What is the of the Brit guy she has been spotted with? Lord Kasper who? his real name is Kasper Hogan I think what you’ll find what you are about to read about him very interesting and maybe ridiculous.

Kasper Hogan Emma Roberts boyfriend pic

20 year-old Emma Roberts is the beautiful daughter of actor Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham, her aunt is no other than Julia Roberts, talk about a burden in her shoulders. but she doesn’t mind and she is doing just perfect and she is looking even better.

Emma used to date 22 year-old Chord Overstreet from Glee, they broke up in January after 9 months together, but don’t expect her to be crying about it she has been spotted in the company of a young man, whose identify was a mystery until the great guys are Radar OnLine broke it up.

So this new guy who might or might not be Emma Roberts’ new boyfriend is Brit Kasper Hgan he calls himself Lord Kasper but who really cares, so the dirt??

Kasper and Emma met at the Chateau Marmont and they have been out and about for the past two weeks

The thing interesting about him are  his tweets, I am curious about what Emma thinks of them..

“If you are 19 and have cellulite do you really think I’m going to buy you a drink?” then  came this one “I drop my name to get laid,

Another one said …”Worst thing about breaking up with a girl is knowing you’ve trained her so well for the next guy.”

We’ll keep you posted about any other info about Kasper Hogan, so far this is all we got, do you know anything else?


Kasper Hogan Emma Roberts boyfriend picKasper Hogan Emma Roberts boyfriend pics

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