August 4, 2020

Kate Fretti- Marco Simoncelli Girlfriend

Italian Moto GP Marco Simoncelli died after a horrific crash at the Sepang International Circuit, this terrible accident was witnessed by millions of fans, his team, parents and his girlfriend Kate Fretti, would you like to know more about her?


22 year-old Kate Fretti and 24 year-old Marco Simoncelli met five years ago in Riccione, they started dating soon after and became pretty much inseparable after that, Kate would joined him at the races most of the times. Ms. Fretti got engaged three years ago and just recently moved in together with Marco at his home in Coriano. Kate’s family lives in Bergamo they saw in disbelief the tragic accident that ended their daughter’s fiancée life in the sport he love so much and where he recently moved to the premier racing class Moto GP when he became part of San Carlo Gresini Honda team.

Marco’s fatal crash took place during the 11 curve at the second lap of Sunday’s race  at the Malaysian Motorcycle grand Prix, where he loss control of his bike,  he lost his helmet upon impact from fellow racer Colin Edwards and then by Valentino Rossi.


When doctor got to Marco he was in cardiac arrest,he received CPR in the ambulance and for 45 minutes at the Sepang hospital, unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced death at 4:56 p.m local time.

At the moment of the crash Kate was seen covering her face with her hands and burst into tears, she was later seen been comforted by  crew member. Mr. Simoncelli and his wife Rossella were devastated.

To Marco Simoncelli’s  girlfriend Kate we send our prayers, we hope she find comfort throughout this terrible loss, same to his parents Paolo and Rossella Simoncelli

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Marco Simoncelli Girlfriend Kate Fretti Video

2 thoughts on “Kate Fretti- Marco Simoncelli Girlfriend

  1. OMG! I don’t know what to say. Must be awful to watch her fiancee crash like that. I’m really sorry for her and Marco’s parents. Deepest condolences.. God be with her through this awfully hard time. My prayers are with his parents and kate. R.I.P Marco.. I salute you for dying doing what you love. Ciao.

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