March 6, 2021

Kate Middleton Topless: Photographer Likely to Get Prison (Photos!)

Two individuals, including a woman photographer, are facing charges over the alleged Kate Middleton Topless photos that appeared in the French Magazine Closer last year. Valerie Suau is the name of the photographer who took the nude photos of the Princess from a distance from a road when she was holidaying at the chateau with husband Prince William. Kate was actually sunbathing in a  topless condition while she was expecting total privacy. These photos infuriated the royal family, especially the Queen as they were reminiscent of the mishap that took place in 1997 when princess Diana, the mother of Prince William was trying to flee away from the paparazzi.

Valerie Suau and the publisher of the magazine Closer are facing criminal charges in a French court for taking nude photos of the Princess and then publishing them in the magazine. If proven guilty, the duo can be fined up to 50000 Euros and while the photographer could face imprisonment up to one year, the French magazine faces the prospect of closure for up to 5 years.

It was the French magazine ‘Closer’ that first published the nude photos of the Princess. Valerie Suau, who has admitted to have taken the pictures from nearly half a mile from the chateau, described them as all descent. She says she took pictures of the Princess in her swimsuit and not topless. Ms Suau went on to add that she lives in an area that is near to the Chataeu and she found no evidence of any sort of policing while she took the pictures.  But no other photographer was present in the area to take these topless pictures at the same time. However, Prince William sued the two individuals for violating the private life of the married couple.

Kate Middleton Topless 3

If one takes a view from the spot from where Valerie is alleged to have taken the photographs, he can clearly see the raised pool inside the chataeu. It was in this part of the lounge that Kate and Willaim spent most part of their daybreak during their stay. Valerie says that she aimed her camera towards the swimming pool and saw Prince William wearing shorts and reading something on his iPad. Kate was at the time wearing a bikini.

The ongoing criminal court case is a matter between French authorities though Prince William made it a point to reveal the identity of the photographer who violated the privacy of the royal couple.