January 23, 2021

Kelly Scruggs- Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington Texas Mistress #2

Why media referred to Kelly Scruggs as former secret service agent Arthur Huntington’s mistress #2? shouldn’t she be number #3 after Dania Suarez and that Canadian we heard about who  he bedded in NY? Well I guess we shouldn’t consider Dania who is prostitute  a mistress? Or should we? Well that is not important because today we will be looking over the photos and info about the Texas woman identified as Kelly Scruggs who claimed she too had a steamy affair with  Agent Huntington.

secret service agent Arthur Huntington texas girlfriend Kelly Scruggs

Once a cheater always a cheater? I think former agent Huntington might prove that right, because he allegedly had an affair with Kelly Scruggs while the George W. Bush administration, and she was not the only one a 41 year-old woman Holly Snow said she hooked up with in in 2008, around the time he dumped Kelly.

According to the New York Daily News 33 year-old Kelly Scruggs from Marlin, Texas met Huntington or My Arthur as she called him in 2007, they dated for a year, where he told her he was divorce from his wife Jolie. During the year they dated they became inseparable, even talked about marriage and children,

“he said he always wanted a little girl, I thought he was sincere, and thought his ultimate goal was to be part of my life,”

Kelly said she was in disbelief when she  read about the Colombian prostitute that got paid $28 instead of $800 they agreed on.

Kelly said in 2008, he went away and their relationship cool off, the only way they communicate was by email, but then he simply disappeared.

“I wasn’t hearing from his as much,” Scruggs said. “I was getting lonely. A lot of our communication … was through e-mail.”

Pretty soon, the e-mails stopped and Huntington moved on.

“He hurt me,” Scruggs said. “I didn’t even hear from him for like a month. It’s like he just vanished.

“I still loved him, I did. I loved him very much. I just knew that it wasn’t going to be the life for me.”

A few weeks ago we heard about the Canadian woman mother of two who a two-night stand with the horny former agent, and then there is Cartagena hooker Dania Suarez.  I think we should get ready to hear about more women, I guess the Secret Service had their own tiger Woods!Kelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress photoKelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress photosKelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress picKelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress picsKelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress pictureKelly Scruggs secret service agent arthur huntington mistress pictures

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