March 5, 2021

Ken Blumenfeld is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards Boyfriend

Ken Blumenfeld, the man dating Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards has some interesting details you might want to know, for instance a DUI arrest and his profile of which describes him as a single man, what would Kim think of that??? In case she didn’t know already

Kim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld pic

47 year-old Kim Richards is as you all know Kathy Hilton’s step sister, Paris and Nicky Hilton aunt, Kyle Richards sister and a member of Bravo’s the Real housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim has had some issues with alcohol and checked into rehab this year.

Richards has been married twice, the first time to her daughter Brooke’s father G. Monty Brinson, the second was with Marvis Davis’ son Gregory with whom she had two children Chad and Whitney, in 1991 she was also romantically linked and even engaged to John J. Collett who as you  ably remember was mysteriously killed at the early age of 29. Kimberly is Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Now her relationship with this guy 48 year-old Ken Blumenfeld (Kenneth Blumenfeld) she kept it secret for her family. Kim met the father of two at Westlake, California where he works as a stock broker and a financial adviser,they have been dating for over a year, her younger sister once said she was fearful for her sister’s safety, Kim’s children said Ben is controlling..

‘I felt she was making this decision based on convenience and loneliness, which worried me and made me sad..  I do not know Ken. I have heard things that put me off, however, if Kim truly is happy, I will support her. Kim thinks she’s in love with someone who cares about her, but Ken is a controlling nightmare and he’s not right for her,’ says the source.

‘The family doesn’t like him, he’s controlling and Kim shouldn’t be living at his house. Kim went through a lot last year with her drinking problem and the pressure from the show and her relationships only trigger Kim’s addiction. Kim should not be with this guy, he’s no good for her.’

Did I mention Kim’s son /chad is dating Ken’s daughter Gaby? Oh Yeah check rumorfix.Kim richards son chad girlfriend gaby blumenfeld

Ken Blumenfeld DUI arrest was on 2009 (mugshot below), Kim and Ken are already living togetherKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld photos


Just  out of curiosity did you noticed Ken’s wedding band on his hand? very interesting!!

Kim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld imageKen_Blumenfeld_Gaby_Kim_RichardsKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld photoKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld picsKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld pictureKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld picturesKim Richards boyfriend Ken BlumenfeldFP_IMAGE_7330200/FP_SET_7329229Kim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld-picsKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld-picturesKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld-imageKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld-pictureKim Richards boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld profile

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