January 23, 2021

Khloe Kardashian Still Legally Married To Lamar Odom 2 Years After Filing For Divorce!

Reality star Khloe Kardashian,30, is still legally wed to her husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, 35. She filed for divorce from the 6 foot 10 Odom in December of 2013. Supposedly Odom has not signed off on the paper work and that is the reason being sited for the legally married status the two still have. However in California Kardashian could have easily filed a ‘Divorce in Absentia’, meaning the other spouse is not cooperating or not taking an active part in the divorce proceedings. Reports are circulating now that Odom is actively trying to gain favor from his estranged wife.Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Leave Dinner In NYC

There are also reports that Kardashian’s on again off again boyfriend little known rapper French Montana, 30, is also actively pursuing Kardashian. Sources connected to the situation have told OK Magazine that once Montana found out that Odom is trying to get his wife’s attention, French  is now actively pursuing Kardashian again. Some naysayers  have speculated that the Montana/Kardashian relationship was purely manufactured for a reality show story line. A lonesome Khole is not as interesting as a paired up one.

The relationship between Montana and Kardashian has been playing out over on the E Network on the spin off reality show ‘Khole and Kourtney Take The Hamptons’. Khole reportedly is basking in all the attention she is now getting. Both Odom and Montana are both going through exorbitant measures to win her favor say reports. One insider has gone so far as to say that Khole is now going through many dinner requests and receives flowers hourly from the two. Sounds like it could be some made up melodrama, or it could be true. However the fact that Khole and Lamar Odom are still legally married over two marafter the initial divorce filing, has raised eyebrows in many quarters.

Many in the know have speculated that the Khole is still secretly hoping that she and Lamar Odom can reconcile and be reunited. The divorce filing was in answer to a long estrangement during which Odom was plagued  with substance abuse issues, and publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his wife on numerous occasions. Odom started playing basketball professional in 1999 with the Los Angeles Clippers, he had a solid career for several years. When he met Kardashian in 2009 he was with the prestigious LA Lakers in California. He and the reality star married in a lavish Beverly Hills wedding in September of 2009. The wedding was a televised special on Khole’s reality show. The two were given a spin off show, ‘ ‘Khole & Lamar’ which debuted on April 10, 2011. The show was cancelled after two seasons for dismal ratings.

Many have speculated that Odom’s involvement with the high profile reality show family was the beginning to the end of Odom’s basketball career. While the E television cameras followed Odom around and on the court, the Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks. he never was able to recapture the initial basketball steam he once had after that. It will be interesting to see what he future holds for this now unemployed former basketball star and Kardashian, who some speculate will also be without a show soon.

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