February 28, 2021

Ko Young-hee is Kim Jong-il’s Mistress and his Son Kim Jong-un’s Mother (photos, wiki, wikipedia, bio, video)

Who is Ko Young-hee? Meet Ko Young-hee now! Kim Jong Il North Korea’s former Leader died on December 17, 2011, his successor is Kim Joung un, the youngest son he had with Ko Young hee, who was known as the first Lady and second mistress.


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Kim Jong died of a heart attack while traveling on a train on December 17, the news about his death was released two days later along with the news of his new successor his 20 something son Kim Jong Un

KO Young Hee was a beautiful, Japanese/ Korean dancer with whom the former Korean leader had his two younger sons, including his new successor Kim Jong Un.

Ko Young hee was born in Osaka, Japan on June 16th, 1953, she moved to Korea in the 60’s while she still was a child, sometime around 1972 and 1974 she became Mansudae Art Troupe. It is unknown when exactly she met Kim Jong Il but it was while she was dancing at one of his private patties, he was married and already had one mistress but was captivated by Ko Jong hee, he quickly installed her in one of his villas, but on September 25th, 1981 in Pyongyang, Korea she gave birth to her first son Kim Jong Chul, then on 8 January 1984 she welcomed her second son Kim Jong Un.

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Ko Young hee was described as his favorite mistress, not long before her death she was named “The Respected Mother who is the Most Faithful and Loyal ‘Subject’ to the Dear Leader Comrade Supreme Commander” in Korea.

When Ko Young hee was 51 she was traveled to Paris, France where she was treated with breast cancer, she then flew back to Korea where she fell into a coma, and died on 27 August 2004.

kim-jong-il-wife-mistress-ko-young-hee-pickim-jong-il-wife-mistress-ko-young-heekim-jong-il-wife-mistress-ko-young-hee-pictureKim Jong Un mother Ko Young HeeKim Jong chul

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