March 5, 2021

Kristof Somfai- VS Model Barbara Palvin’s Boyfriend

Selena Gomez apparently dumped Justin Bieber because some said he was interested in Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, who said she is not the least interested in the Pop singer; Palvin has eyes just for one guy and that is her handsome boyfriend Kristof Somfai.

Kristof Somfai Barbara Palvin Boyfriend-pics

19-year-old Barbara Palvin is the stunning Hungarian model who people said was the cause of Justin and Selena’s split, others said they broke before Justin was spotted with Palvin at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, either way Barbara is not into Justin because she has a hot boyfriend of her own, his name is Kristof Somfai, I must add he sort of looks like Bieber, don’t hate for what I am about to say, he looks like the Biebs but hotter. Sorry!

Kristof Somfai Barbara Palvin Boyfriend-picKristof Somfai Barbara Palvin Boyfriend pics

Kristof Somfai also from Budapest, Bulgaria has been dating the sexy Victoria’s Secret model for quite some time, some rumored they have broken up but it was Palvin who denied the split and said they were still pretty much together and loving each moment they have together. This hot couple both have endless Facebook fans.

As for Kristof Somfai’s biography I can tell you that this baby-blue-eye Hungarian recently graduated from the Szinyei Merse Pal Gimnazioun in Budapest and just enrolled at the IBS that stands  for International Business School of Budapest. he has one sister Dora Somfai.

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Kristof Somfai is on Twitter here.

Photos: Twitter & Facebook.

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  1. Um, Budapest is not in Bulgaria. Hellooo. It’s in Hungary.
    So Kristof would be Hungarian, like Barbara, not Bulgarian.

  2. Look at the map first after that write something. Budapest never been in Bulfaria. Guess has no clue what’s Bulgaria ‘s capital or which countries capital Budapest is.

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