November 30, 2020

L.A Music Producer Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco is Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole New Boyfriend

This year Girls Aloud beauty Cheryl Cole has been romantically linked to way too many men, none of those turned out to be true, would it be possible that the latest rumor about Cheryl Cole dating Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco is true or a rumor like her other alleged new boyfriends? Who is this Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco anyway?

Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend pictures

After her divorce from her cheating husband Cheryl Cole might have tried to get back together with Ashley at the end and after some rumors that he continued his  affairs with  girls whose reputation might raised some eye brows, that was after she broke up with Derek Hough and after a rumor about her dating singer Taio Cruz was heard, perhaps you heard that one before?

After that it was rumored that she was dating Alex Da Kid, after they were seen working for long hours during the night at her hotel, that one turned out to be just a rumor too, but then we come to the moment when another guy is liked to Cheryl.

His name is Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco a 21 year-old Los Angeles based music producer and has been working for long hours with Cheryl in her solo album, sources close to them have said they became inseparable..

‘Cheryl and Patrizio have been together 24/7. They have really become inseparable. After a lot of near-misses when it comes to blokes, Cheryl hopes this one could be the real thing.

They have loved their late night sessions in the studio, just the two of them. They’ve rarely been apart and have genuinely fallen for each other. Cheryl really adores Patrizio – she loves his carefree attitude to working and to life, and can’t wait to see him again.’

And what are they saying? well no  word from Cheryl but Patrizio is just smitten by the British hottie,  we can’t blame him!!

She’s really funny. She was talking about w*****s and we didn’t know what it meant. She was laughing. The funniest thing was trying to get her to go into detail, because she was trying to be ladylike. Then we got it!

“She likes to eat whatever she wants and that shows her free spirit. When I met her I thought, ‘Oh my God, she’s gorgeous!’ I think she’s great. She’s got swag, that’s the word here. I wish I could ask her out on a date — but she’d tell me no. She’s out of my league.

He also said earlier…”Everything happened so fast. Four months ago I was on tour with a group as an engineer and now I am spending nights with Cheryl Cole. I thought her ex-husband was crazy to cheat on a beautiful woman like her.”

Totally agree with him, but I am sorry to say this but are these facts enough to confirm, their relationship? barely, it seems tome that he lie many guys out there are just hypnotized by her beauty and by how cool she is, get in line Patrizio, Or I am wrong??

But still let me tell you a few tings I found out about Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco also known as Patty or Patwick by his friends..

He is 21, from Simi Valley, California, went to Santa Susana High School graduating in 2008, he then got his Tools Certification at Los Angeles Recording School. He described himself as a married music engineer in one of his social network profiles and  owner of P ‘N P STUDIOS in Simi Valley and is a music producer at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, before that he worked for two years with Three 6 Mafia (2009-2011)

Patrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend imagePatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend photoPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend imagesPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend photosPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend picPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend picsPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend-picturesPatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend picturePatrizio Teezio Pigliapoco Cheryl Cole Boyfriend-picture

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