August 4, 2020

Lauren Smalley- UK Lip Injections Addiction Left her Disfigurated

This young woman is Lauren Smalley, she might be considered a pretty lucky woman to be able to tell her story after her addiction to lips filler nearly ended her life, the addiction Lauren experience was to the permanent facial filler Bio-Alcamid.

Lauren Smalley lip filler bio alcamid disfigurated lips

An obsession for her looks, in her mind Lauren Smalley saw only imperfection even though her face was absolutely beautiful, doctors determined this mental illness that Ms. Smalley suffered from is called body dysmorphic disorder  BDD or dysmorphic syndrome,  she said she was only 12 when she began to feel concern about her imaginary ugliness.

at the age of 15 she was already obsessed with her looks and began to look for help, a doctor prescribed her medication to control BDD, but Lauren was certain the only thing that could help her overcome her problem was to change her appearance, so she began to have regular injections of Restylane and Perlane (temporally lip fillers), soon Lauren grew tired of her regular visits to Harley Street clinic in London that were not just wearing her down but also costing her a fortune (£250-£300 each time), so she began to look for a more permanent solution, that came with the name of Bio-Alcamid.

“I began looking for a permanent filler to reduce my number of visits to London and came across Bio-Alcamid.

Little did Ms. Smalley knew that bio-Alcamid was going to left her disfigured, she would have to underwent painful and costly treatment to remove this dangerous filler from her face and reconstruct her lip..

“Bio-Alcamid has left me dreadfully scarred and I feel deformed now. I’d like to tell anyone who is considering using lip fillers to be careful.”

you can read more about Lauren here

30 year-old Lauren Smalley from Bristol is not the only woman that we came across that became obsess with her looks, especially on her lips Kristina Rei from Russia had 100 lips injections already and still going on for more.

Lauren Smalley lip filler bio alcamid addictLauren Smalley lip filler bio alcamid victim

Lauren Smalley (Left) after the painful side effects of Bio-Alcamid, (right) after the reconstruction

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