October 20, 2020

Les Miserables’ Samantha Barks boyfriend is Matt Johnson not Russell Crowe!

Oh well for those who believed she and Australian actor Russell were an item think again! Samantha Barks is off the market don’t get me wrong we just got a little confused with the identity of her prince.

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Despite the rumors of 22 year old Samantha and 48 year old Crowe were an item everyone seems to be having just a nice time enjoying the great success of their blockbuster sensation Les Mis of course.

So no harm no foul, she seems to be really happy in cloud nine but is not exactly with Russell though that place seems to be taken for The host of This Morning, Matt Johnson!

He certainly is no Russell Crowe and perhaps can not sing like him or her for that matter but! It seems they have been secretly dating for several months now and it looks it might be getting serious. The singing beauty has even made some stops at This Morning television studios, visiting Matt plus they have shared jokey messages on Twitter.

Although is obvious they have tried to keep things low key is hard to keep them like that forever, the actress and the Welsh TV presenter were spotted holding hands and spending the evening together at the Elle Style awards recently I mean come on..there is no escaping the spotlight after a huge movie like that.

After all the fuzz seems Samantha and Russell are just buddies that like to get fit together? Or do you think there is more to what meet the eye?? We heard Russell and Sam greeted each other like the oldest of friends and no one could put two and two together maybe some “innocent flirt” Truth of the matter is gorgeous brunet never hide the great time she had with Mr. Crowe during filming of the musical saying:

“She said in one interview: ‘We had the best time hanging out. It was awesome”

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