October 23, 2020

Lesley Gibb (Lesley Evans Gibb) is the Bee Gees’ Sister (Photos, videos, wiki, bio)

Meet Lesley Gibb (Lesley Evans Gibb). Lesley Gibb is believed it or not she is part of the Bee Gees family, she is the famous brothers’ sister we knew nearly nothing about but that today that would change because we want to tell you all we know about Lesley and why did she decided to hide.

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Lesley Barbara Evans Gibb was born on January 12th 1945 in Isle  of Man, making her 65, she is the eldest and only daughter of her British parents Barbara Pass and Hugh Gibb, her older brothers are Barry, twins Robin and Maurice and her younger brother Any, as we all know Andy died  in 1988, Maurice died in 2003 after a complication with a twisted intestine, Robin who recently died of colo-rectal cancer leaving her and  brother Barry as the only surviving Gibb children. Lesley and her family relocated to Brisbane , Australia when they were still children, Lesley got married to Keith Evans an Australian salesman now age 70 with whom she had 7 wonderful and beautiful children (Keith was once Barry’s assistant), Mrs Evans Gibb still lives in Australia where she is a top dog breeder (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) it was from her home that she opened her heart about the wonderful memories she had of her beloved brothers and especially of Robin who she once saved from drowning when he was a year a half old and she was just a little 5 year-old girl.

“Robin and Maurice were about 18 months old and were toddling along. Robin fell in. I remember him floating along with his eyes staring up.

“I went in up to my waist and grabbed him under the arms until people came to help us both out of the water.”

Lesley grew up watching her famous brother gain fame all over the world, once when Robin had an argument with Maurice and Barry, and refused to go on the stage in London, Lesley was the secret 4th Bee Gee who covered for him. Lesley also performed with Ian MacLeod on his album “Restless”.

“I secretly ­became the fourth Bee Gee. It was amazing. I loved it on the night. I know Robin watched it and he said he felt very choked up about it. I couldn’t sound like Robin, of course, but our harmonies as Gibb family members ­sounded very much the same.

“He said he loved my ­performance, but I told him if he felt like that, why don’t you just come back then? Which, of course, he eventually did.”

Lesley’s husband Keith is recovering from a stroke, reason foe that she won’t be present at her brother’s funeral.

“Barry and mum understand. It would be all too much for me,” she says. “But he will live on in my heart forever.”

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  1. It’s so nice to watch Barry performing on stage again, but can’t help feeling for him ‘so alone’ in the crowd where his brothers used to be with him. He’s so amazingly strong despite the losses in his life and career alike… His very own family must be very supportive of what he’s going through !

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