November 23, 2020

Lina Sands Is Angelina Jolie Look A-Like

It is easy to  find an Angelina look a-like wearing sun glasses, but this girl named Lina Sands looks like Angeline without them , hair down, up, smiling, is amazing!!! Have you seen Lina? Would you like to know more about her? I thought you’ll say that!!


Lina Sands was born in Spain, She relocated to the UK about 9  years ago where she studied acting for two years. Last year when  the premier of Salt was coming to England Lina dressed up like Angelina as Agent Evelyn Salt, did she do it for fun? perhaps a little but the truth is that she  was part of a competition to give fans tickets to the premiere, people had to approach her said a secret code and bam a week later they would be in the Red Carpet where they would probably  get a chance to meet the real  Angelina.

What else is there about Ms. Sands? Sadly not much, as you can see in the video below..

Lina Sands looks forward to make a living impersonating the famous actress, she paired up with Johnny deep impersonator, he calls himself Melo Sparrow , Daniel Craig has posed with Lina too and once in a while she joined Brad Pitt’s impersonator. We have seen other great Angie look a-like in the past but I think you can all agree with Lina is the best, even paparazzi have been fooled by her resemblance.

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