November 23, 2020

Louise Speed is Wales Gary Speed Wife

New Wales manager Gary Speed was found dead, his death is a terrible tragedy in the UK and in the world of soccer and sports all over. He left behind his wife Louise Speed and their two children. Follow us and we will tell you more about Gary Speed ‘s wife.

42 year-old Gary Speed from Mancot, Wales, his passion for soccer began at an early age. Before he was 20 he was playing with Leeds United, in 1996 he moved to Everton, two years later he was Newcastle United newbie, in 2004 he was playing with Bolton Wanderes and by end of his career as a player he spend it with Sheffield United, his retirement announcement came around the time he celebrated his 41st birthday, but he wasn’t planning on staying off the field, a new era as a coach began for Gary.

During the 2010-2011 season he replaced Kevin Blackwell was as Sheffield United head coach, during this same time he was named Wales coach. He was found dead by hanging at his home in Huntington, Cheshire after police responded to a call at about 7.08am.

Officers went to the scene where a 42-year-old man was found dead. The next of kin have been informed and have confirmed the identity of the man as Gary Speed. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and the family have requested that they are left to grieve in peace. The death will now be a matter for the coroner.’

Speed got married to his beloved and beautiful wife 40 year-old Louise Speed in 1996, the couple had two children Ed the oldest a player with Under-14s team and 12 year-old Tommy who is a boxer became 2010 champion (40 kilos) trains at Chester Boxing club and began competing at the Royal Navy Schoolboys’ Championships last year. Louise from Chester, Cheshire went to  Hawarden High School.

More recent news said Gray’s was found hanged by Louise, he wasn’t suffering from depression nor did he and Louise were having trouble, she was  just so confused and devastated by his death.

They were happily married and anyone who knows them will tell you that. This is why it is a mystery.


On More recent news Louise Speed made some revelations during the inquest into her husband’s death at Warrington Town Hall in Cheshire, including storming out of their house after an argument, sleeping in the car and lastly seeing her husband toes barely touching the first step in their garage where he hung himself, although Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg said there was not enough  evidence to determine whether this was intentional or accidental.

‘We walked in the house and we had an exchange of words about something and nothing. I can’t even remember what it was.’

You can read about Louise Speed updates here

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Gary Speed Wife Louise their son Tommy and Ed, the rest of their families, friends and fans throughput this terrible time

Take a look at Gary and Louise Speed showing their support for Robbie Savage at Strictly Come Dancing in the Video Below.

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  1. always i my heart Gary Speed and in 2012, from a same age player from Romania. Rest in peace and his family Louise and the kids, all the best in the new year, and especially for his kids to follow his path of Gary Speed, the best player in the world. Florin Topala

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