March 2, 2021

Lucimarian Roberts is Robin Roberts’ Mother (PHOTO)

Good Morning America’ amazing host Robin Roberts announced she was going to take a medical leave this week, all of the sudden she said she was leaving a day earlier that she planned  to because there were some issues at home, sadly and probably that situation was his mother Lucimarian Roberts’s frail health, Mrs. Roberts passed away last night August 30th, 2010. She was  88.

Lucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother pic

We all know that Robin Roberts is a kind, wonderful, talented and beautiful woman. Robin’s unique and remarkable qualities are the result of her family’s values, especially her mother Lucimarian care, love let’s not forget our first learning experience begins at home.

Lucimarian Roberts Robin Roberts mother pic

Lucimarian Tolliver  from Ohio spend 57 glorious years married to her beloved husband Colonel Lawrence E. Roberts who was also her college sweetheart, he passed away on October 12th, 2002 of a heart attack at their home in Biloxi, Mississippi at the age of 81.

Robin Roberts father Larry RobertsRobin Roberts family photo

During their lives together they were blessed with 4 adorable children, Dorothy, Lawrence, Sally and our dear Robin.

Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts was born in Ohio in 1924, her grandparent relocated to Alabama during the great Southern immigration, her grandpa was a sharecropper and began working at a rubber plant  in Akron where the family followed him and settled.

Lucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother imageLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother-pictureLucimarian Roberts parents Robin Roberts grandparents

Lucimarian was not an ordinary young teenager, she was extraordinary in every she did, and that kid of teen never goes unnoticed so when she got ready to entered Akron’s east High School, her former teacher at Elementary school talked her into taking college-prep classes.


Lucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother-pic

She would become the first person in her family to go to college and she did it splendidly.

Won a John S. Knight Scholarship, and entered Howard University in Washington where she would not only graduated with honors in 1946 but also met her soulmate Colonel Roberts.

Colonel Lawrence Roberts Lucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts parentsLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother sisters brotherLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother-imagesLucimarian Roberts Larry Roberts GMA Robin Roberts parents

Mrs. Lucimarian was c-chair of PC (USA) National Steering Committee for the Mission  Initiative: Joining Hearts and Hands, she also served in the Presbyterian Church National Committee on the Self-Development of People, chairwoman o of the Mississippi Department of Education, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and was a board member for the boys and Girls Club of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Mrs. Roberts was a talented piano player and had the sweetest voice.

Lucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother-picturesLucimarian Roberts Robin Roberts mother pics

Robin collaborated with her mother in her book My Story, My Song: Mother-Daughter Reflections on Life and Faith (as told to Missy Buchanan, with reflections by Robin) published by Upper Room Books of Nashville.

Lucimarian Boberts book My Story  My Song Mother-Daughter Reflections on Life and Faith (

Her beloved children were by her side in her home in Mississippi when she took her last breath, Robin left Good Moring America a day earlier to be with her mother, she and sister Sally Ann who is also  the donator for Robin’s bone narrow transplant took the trip to their beloved mother’s side together.

Robin released the following message on Twitter

“This morning is a memory I will cherish forever. Thank you and bless you. Sally-Ann and I are on our way to be with our beloved mother. X0”

Roberts then went to her Facebook and posted..

“Sally-Ann and I finally made it home to MS late this afternoon to be with our beloved 88 year old mother. We draw such strength from momma. Her health is failing but her spirit is strong. A CD of her favorite hymns is playing in her room. So thankful for my sister, Dorothy, and the nurses who have been caring for her. I will cherish these moments I have with mom. Then focus on what is ahead of me undergoing a bone marrow transplant. I’m grateful for this morning at GMA … grateful for your messages of love and support … grateful to be the daughter of Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts. Blessings. XO”

Our hearts, prayers and love are with Robin Roberts and her beautiful family during this difficult time.

.Obit-Robin Roberts MotherLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother imagesLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother photoLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother sistersLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts motherLucimarian Roberts GMA Robin Roberts mother-image

Robin Roberts Mother Lucimarian Roberts Video

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