January 20, 2021

Luke Bryans & Caroline Boyer Put Family First!

Country singing star Luke Bryans, 38, and wife Caroline Boyer, 35 say family comes before stardom. Bryans and Boyers are college sweethearts. They met when Bryans was a senior and Boyer a freshman at Georgia Southern University. After dating on and off for five years the two married in a lavish church cermony in front of friends and family.lukecarolinebryans

Boyer has said that Bryans has always been a gentleman, and that’s what attracted her to him in the first place. The couple have also faced tragedy with dignity and grace. Bryans recently discussed some rather weighty issues. He has taken the country music scene by storm, racking up award after award and generating a massive amount of devoted fans.

When asked recently if he had ever imagined the kind of success he has now, he said no. He went on “When the CMA awards were on, it was an event. It was like you got to eat in the living room. It was that special, you got to lay your towel down on the shag carpet.” He says all the attention still makes him nervous “I’ve had panic attacks you know before big moments. It’s kind of fun you know, you want that kind of anxiety before a really big show.”

He’s the youngest son of a peanut farmer from Leesburg, Georgia. He was the protected and beloved little brother of older sister Kelly, and older brother Chris. Luke’s mother LeClaire says he’s a born musician. His mother has said that her son Luke was very sickly when he was little. So she rocked him all the time or bounced him. “he could hum ‘rock of ages’ before he could talk.” Luke would take that natural talent to the stage in high school.

In addition to being in high school musicals he started his own band. Just days before a 19 year old Luke planned to leave home and move to Nashville to follow his dreams, came the true test of faith and family. His older brother Chris was killed in a car accident. He said “What a crazy, I’m kind of hyperventilating even thinking about it. It’s very hard to talk about it, still even after all these years. It was, just not a cool deal. You never truly move beyond it.”

Luke decided to put his Nashville dreams on hold, family came first. So Luke stayed home and went to college. He spent the next few years playing at bars at night and working at his father’s farm during the day. Luke’s sense of duty kept him home. His father Tommy knew the only way to get him to Nashville was to fire him. So he headed to Nashville and found early success as a songwriter. Soon  he was signed to a record label, and released his first successful single,’All my friends say’. He was invited to perform the song at the legendary ‘Grand Ole Opry’. His sister Kelly was there, and died a few days later at her home. He said “Two unthinkable tragedies in one family.” He said he moves on for his wife Caroline and two sons.


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