February 26, 2021

Maria Ivakova Russian Model in The Dog Poo Watcher Video

You better watch out for stunning Russian model Maria Ivakova, who recently caused quite a  scandal after filming herself throwing dog excrement to a woman in a car after she refused to pick up her dog’s poo of the street.

Maria Ivakova Russian model dog poo video pic

This is a funny video, not so funny for the other sexy Russian chick in the car though but still pretty darn funny.

So this video uploaded  in Russian Youtube featured model Maria Ivakova, asking a woman in a convertible luxury car to please pick up her pooch’s crap out of the pavement, because the whole things is in freaking Russian I can’t tell you what exactly they argued about, thankfully the Dailymail came to the rescue and tells us what the said..

From the DM

‘Hi. While waiting for a friend I became an eye witness to a most inappropriate situation. This is very familiar.’

The camera pans to the dog mess. ‘I want to go and sort this problem,’ she says.

‘This is the guilty one.’

‘Excuse me, girl, can you……?’

The driver, who has lifted the offending dog into the passenger seat, interrupts angrily saying: ‘Take away the camera, turn it off….’

Ms Ivakova responds: ‘Can you clean the poo first and then I will turn my camera off?!’

But the owner does not want to leave her car and replies: ‘If you are bothered with this s**t, clean it yourself. Do you understand?’

‘Why should I clean after your dog! Why you don’t like me filming?!’ Clean the s**t from your dog and I will go away!’

But the owner of the small dog angrily retorts: ‘Do you really think that I will stand up and clean the s***?’

‘Yes, certainly. I think even your dog is cleverer than you!,’ replies Ms Ivakova

Without  the translation it is clear the woman refused to pick the poor up so Ivakova picks it up herself with a tiny piece of paper, but she doesn’t tossed in trash or in a plastic bag, but  threw it to the woman in the car, who  began to scream infuriated, but Maria was no were to be seen, she flew the scene laughing her tone model butt off.

Want to know a little bit about Maria Ivakova fashion model/ The dog Poo watcher?

Today 26-year-old Maria Ivakova has become one of my favorite Russian models (Irina and Anna included of course)

Ms. Ivakova was born on  June 16, 1986 in the Kazakh city of Temirtau in a military family. As a child Maria lived in the Far East, Germany, Orenburg, St. Petersburg. She studied Hhigh school in Moscow and then attended at the State Tax Academy, Soon she was working as a PR-director at  the investment company.

With a face like hers and rocking body, it was no surprise to see her winning a swimsuit contest at Mtv, she has been in several fashion magazines  and ads in Russia. Ivakova also serves an a fashion shows organizers for great designers suck as Roberti Cavalli who is also a good friend of Maria. She is the co-host along her friend Valeri of a fashion show for Russian.ru.

OK so I found the video with subtitles.. you are welcomed!!

You can find Maria on Twitter here, her channekl on Youtube is here.

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Maria Ivakova Dog Poo Video

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