October 25, 2020

Mariah Yeater is Justin Bieber Baby Mama???

Did Justin Bieber fathered a secret love child? I very much doubt that but this California woman identified as Mariah Yeater said he did with her, that is right according to this woman JB is the father of her son.


This is by far one of the most ridiculous things I have hear this month that is, Justin Bieber been slammed by a paternity lawsuit??

While Justin is enjoying the popularity of his latest album Under The Mistletoe and showing off his new hair-do a 20 year-old woman from California Mariah Yeater said last year JB also had sex with her, getting her pregnant and in conclusion today she has a three month-old baby boy whose father is allegedly Justin Bieber. The baby’s name is Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater born on July 6th, 2011 at  the Crossmont Hospital in La Mesa, San Diego

Mariah Laci Yeater born on September 5th, 1991 said she met JB when she was 19 on October 25th, 2010 at one of his concerts at L.A.’s Staples Center, where one of Bieber’s security guards approached her and asked her if she wanted to meet Justin..

“After waiting for a short period of time with several young women, Justin Bieber appeared and engaged me in

 conversation. Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone. I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time. After walking away from the other people backstage, Justin Bieber found a place where we c

ould be alone — a bathroom. We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f*ck the sh*t out of me. At the time I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to. In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything, quickly took off my clothes. He was on top of me with my legs aroun

d him. At the time I was on top of some type of shelf. The sexual intercourse itself was brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds.”

Justin’s people denied he got Mariah Yeater or any other girl pregnant, adding they haven’t seen Mariah Yeater’s lawsuit filed on October 31st. against Justin, but they are just disgusting by the whole thing..

“While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”

On December 15th a hearing will take place according to the court.

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