March 5, 2021

Marie Kojzar is Adam Scott’s New Girlfriend! (wiki, photo, job, bio)

Marie Kojzar is Adam Scott’s new Girlfriend! But who is Marie Kojzar? What’s Marie Kojzar’s age and what’s her job? Just keep on reading…

Marie Kojzar, born in 1981, is a pretty Swedish girl. She is not a model or actress but an architect! She persued study in london of the architect, after graduation, she was hired by a architecture firm where she worked there since 2011. You can see her second picture which was taken from her firm’s sites.

She is quite special among so many celebrities models girls that just know how to show their bikini body. Instead, Marie is an “ambitious girl”.

 “My girlfriend is a really ambitious person. She hasn’t been going to school all these years to not put that knowledge to use.” – Adam Scott

In fact, ever since 2001, Marie Kojzar and Adam Scott had been on and off for seven years, you can count the years, they have  together for quite a long time!


(Marie Kojzar photo, pic from facebook)

Marie Kojzar’s photo from her architecture firm, seems like a successful women.
marie kojzar pic

(Marie Kojzar photo, pic from zap2it)

For this relationship, the 32-year-old golfer is very happy and satisfied as he said,

“I’m not single at all. I am very much in a relationship and very happy for the moment.”

But Scott confessed that what’s the most important is still his career.

“We like to think we’re the best at everything, Golf is a big sport at home, and this is the one thing in golf we hadn’t been able to achieve. It’s amazing that it’s my destiny to be the first Australian to win. It’s incredible.” -Adam Scott