March 8, 2021

Mark Thatcher is the only Son of Margaret Thatcher (photos, wiki, networth)

Meet Mark Thatcher now. The iron lady of Britain passed away recently and her funeral was attended by thousands of dignitaries from around the world. Her son Mark Thatcher, who is the twin brother of Carol Thatcher, flew in from US to attend the funeral and described the death of his mother as the saddest moment in his life. 11-1-Mark-Thatcher-1987

Mark was the favorite of his mother who once jokingly remarked that mark was so clever that he could sell snow to the Eskimos and sand to the Arabs. However, no one is in the know of Mark Thatcher networth and what he does for a living.


Mark moved to Texas during the Prime Ministerial tenure of his mother and started a consultancy firm apparently working for someone who called the shots. But a news report in Dallas Morning, which appeared in 1996, sums up the credentials of Mark as a man who exploited his surname to attain power and money. He has all along been described as a middleman, a fixer, a wheeler dealer. Though what he does and what the real nature of his business is not yet out in the open, speculations about Mark Thatcher networth are rife that he owns property worth $100 million.mark thatcher lady thatcher carol thatcher

The only time Mark has ever been close to trouble with law or authorities was in 1985 when he was alleged to have taken a $18 million commission in an arms deal worth $30 billion that involved Britain and Saudi Arabia. According to his own admission, he is not a mum’s son but an adventurer and never liked the title that was given to him while he was in Britain. In 2003, Mark inherited the title of baronet when his father Sir Denis Thatcher passed away.