February 24, 2021

Mike Tindall Video With the Blond at Australian Bar Raises Doubts

Mike Tindall said the blond at the bar with him in Queenstown last Sunday is a dear friend but his behavior seen in the footage raises doubts thee is just no way a married man can behave like this with a woman who is just a friend, Check Tindall and the blond video below


Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Phillips and rugby hubby Mike Tindall’s Royal Wedding took place less than two months ago, the way he holds and behaves with this blond girl at this bar is just simply not the normal behavior a new married man acts even less when he and Zara have been dating for years, there is not just the long relationship they had before getting married but also the strong commitment of marriage and the promise to be faithful as God as just witness.

OK so he said the blond at the bar by his arm is a close friend, Zara’s rep said the same thing  but is just not normal  and gets weirder after hearing what witnesses said about that night..

‘There was no doubt what he was after,’ said one witness. ‘At one stage he put his hand down the back of her jeans. Then he put his hand up her top at the back, as if he was trying to undo her bra strap.’

At first a female friends walked out of the Altitude with them but sources said no one was with them when they were spotted hours later..

he blonde’s friend was walking behind as the couple left the Altitude at around 2am, but was nowhere to be seen an hour later when a separate witness saw Tindall and the blonde walk hand in hand past another bar about 500 yards away. ‘There was no one else with them,’ the witness said. ‘I didn’t see where they went.’

This video has already 0ver 250.000 views on Youtube and it was uploaded by Jonathan Dixon who said he did it because he was just outrage by Mike’s “sleazy behavior” he was later arrested and charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

But he was not the only witness that night to feel upset about Mike and the blond can you see the girl in the white shirt it seemed that at first she noticed them, took out her phone recorded and then approach them clearly mad and confronted both of them, Mike  and the blond left hand in hand.

Another guy confronted him too.. ‘You’re married. Pull your head in, mate.’


Mike Tindall Queenstown bar with blond girl Video

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