February 26, 2021

Model Kendall Jenner Fires Mother Kris As Her Manager!

In what would be considered a brazen move for anyone, Kendall Jenner has fired her mother Kris Jenner. The mother of the famous Kardashian siblings, has managed the careers of all of her famous children, the last 8 years, when she catapulted the entire clan into mega fame. Jenner also manages the career of her estranged husband Bruce Jenner. Bruce won a gold medal in the decathlon in Montreal in 1976. Kris and Bruce married in 1991, and in edition to Kendall, 19, had another daughter Kylie,17. Kris started to manage Bruce’s career shortly after their 1991 marriage. He became a much sought after pitchman and public speaker under Kris’ direction.

pictures of Kendall currently stirring some controversy!
pictures of Kendall currently stirring some controversy!

She pitched the idea of a reality show around her colorful family to the big wigs at E Entertainment, and they took the bait, and gave the family their own show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The show premiered on the E network in 2007. It was widely successful right out of the gate. It resulted in many spin off shows, and a ‘Kardashian Empire’. It made the entire clan millionaires in their own right. Kendall’s older half sister Kim Kardashian, 34, is the most googled person in the world. Now comes word that despite the mega success the family has enjoyed, many believe because of the management of mother Kris, Kendall wants to sprout her own wings, and fly solo.

Kendall has moved out of her mother’s home several months ago, and has made it clear to her mother that she is no longer her manager. Kendall has established herself as a successful fashion model. With her long lanky slim frame, it made her an ideal candidate for the fashion pages of the leading magazines around the globe. She was quickly signed at the age of 14 to Wilhelmina Models, and was quickly working on various modeling assignments. She continued to appear on the successful Kardashian reality shows, and her career on the shows and the modeling industry was managed by her mother Kris.

There is no word yet on who her new agent or manager is, but sources are reporting the names will be released before the end of the year. A source close to the model says that Kendall is concerned with the path that her older half sister’s image has taken. Especially that of her older half sister, Kim, 34 who is married to rapper Kanye West. Kim had an infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J leaked back in 2007, and many believe it is that tape that was responsible for the family’s success. Some naysayers are speculating that Kendall has severed ties with her mother as part of a damage control campaign. Kendall was just in a seductive holiday spread for ‘Dujour Magazine’, where she is seen in slinky lingerie, and one in one picture is lying on the knee of Santa Clause while she’s being spanked. Kendall supposedly has received some back lash from her current employer, Estee Lauder, over the questionable spread. It perhaps does not meet the company’s ┬áprofessional standards.

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