February 26, 2021

Musician Dave Navarro Recalls His Very Painful Past!

Jane’s Addiction front-man, Dave Navarro got real this week with the Huffington Post, recalling a very painful past. Navarro,47 was also a part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The musician grew up in Southern California, and would be the product of a divorced household when he was only 7. His mother Constance Hopkins a fashion and TV model regularly appeared on the TV show, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Dave_Navarro_adjustedWhen young David was only 16, his mother was murdered he and still in High School. She was murdered by her ex boyfriend John Riccardi. He also killed the sister of Constance, which was David’s aunt. Riccardi remained on the run, until a tip was called in to the TV show ‘America’s Most Wanted’. He was arrested 8 years after the murder, he would eventually be found guilty of the murders of both women. Navarro said the murder of both his mother and aunt was a clear example of the seriousness of domestic violence.

Navarro has been lending a lot of time and resources to various domestic violence causes, he believes education is key in fighting it, and fostering healthier relationships. His current project may surprise many of his fans. He’s working on a documentary about his late mother, her life and death. He want’s to let everyone know, change is going to happen. Navarro was famously married to Carmen Electra for a total of 3 years. Navarro blames the media attention on the marriage failure.

He also spoke about overcoming fear and being fearless. He says the murder of his mother and aunt changed on his life. He said it also brought on a lot of fear. At that young age he had to realize that anything could and do happen all the time. He said he spent a lot of years being really nervous about the world, and what could go wrong with the world, instead of looking at what is good about life. He said losing his mother at that young age was devastating, He said he got really involved with music as a result of his mother’s death. The musician also said that he got heavily involved with drugs and spent several years just floundering around.

He said ” I got very close to death, I had to really examine myself and change my behavior.I actually had to change my behavior 100% in order to have what I have now, I really had to change my life. The last before I finally put the drugs down forever, he said he was actually waiting for his dealer to show up with drugs so I could buy more drugs and I passed out. My dealer broke the door down and saved my life. The ironic thing is that when I came to, I wanted to buy more drugs from him. It was that moment when I had the reality check. I was like this is just crazy. But I got off, and sometimes it just takes what it takes. He says he’s been straight for 8 years now, and he liked it much better on this side.



Donna Thomas

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