December 4, 2020

Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort’s Ex Wife Lands A New Wolf Of Manhattan Beach!

Meet Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s ex wife here. The film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ released in 2013 put a few names into the public forefront. The film directed by Martin Scorsese, was a blockbuster hit. It tells the true story of Jordan Belfort, a man who made a fortune on Wall Street as a stockbroker. He made his fortune by engaging in insider trading, fraud and other nefarious activities. He would go on to spend 22 months in a federal prison for the various crimes he committed. The film based on Belfort’s memoir shows his glamorous and beautiful second wife Nadine Caridi. She was a model and sometime actress, she was widely seen in Miller Lite Beer commercials when Belfort met her. The two eventually  divorced, and now co-parent their two children together in Southern California.NadineCaridi

Caridi sill beautiful is living the high life once again in Manhattan Beach, CA. She has a different life now in many ways, and some may be very surprised by the new and improved Nadine. This former Miller Lite girl and model, changed her life around and reinvented herself. She is now 47 and her name is Nadine Maraluso. She is married to CEO of ‘Wizard World’ John Maraluso, 69. He is a former entrepreneur from New York and some 22 years older than his pretty wife Nadine.

Wizard World is the biggest digital entertainment and events companies in North America, and Maraluso is at the helm of it all. However Nadine is not just sitting back being a trophy wife, no she is literally unrecognizable in her new career. After splitting from Belfort, Nadine went to college and has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is now a marriage and family therapist with an ocean front office in Manhattan Beach. She has only been in the field since 2011, since she was around 43. She has obviously transformed herself into this now denizen of academia, while still delving into a lifestyle that she once knew so well.

Her social media accounts are full of all of her Hollywood social activities she engages in with her new Wolf of Manhatten Beach. She and her husband John Maraluso just attended the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Although her websites boasts of the fact that she is a “PHD Candidate”. She is obviously able to fit her ‘studies’ in with her hobnobbing that she does with the rich and famous. No where on her bios is it indicated that she was the wife of “The Wolf of Wall Street”. There is no mention of her former job title of Miller Lite Beer Girl either. She has reinvented herself extremely well, That could be another new avocation for Mrs. Maraluso, she can teach people how to reinvent themselves with no traces of their former selves. She claims she has dedicated her life, the last 4 years anyway, to helping people with dependency issues and other mental health disorders find their way back. Since she is mixing with the rich and famous, she should have no trouble building her client base. Here is to reinventing one’s self, and doing it large!

Donna Thomas

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