September 18, 2020

Naza Jafarian, Rob Kardashian Model Girlfriend, Looks Like Kim Kardashian (Pictures, Wiki)

Who is Naza Jafarian? Naza Jafarian is Rob Kardashian’s british model girlfriend! Naza Jafarian looks quite like Kim Kardashian! They have been dated for months. Do you think it interesting that Rob dating a british model looks like his sister Kim?

Rob met Naza Jafarian introduced by Brandon Kaplan. Rob’s best friend. It’s reported that Naza Jafarian was a British model and mainly in London most of the time. It’s certain that they need to fly long distance to meet each other but seems not a problem for both of them!

“She was with Rob for his birthday at 1Oak in Vegas and them traveled with him to his next appearance. Then they spent St. Patty’s day together in LA and now she flew to London with him!”

On April 3 Naza and Rob had a trip to “the swanky Wellington Club in Knightsbridge followed by a romantic taxi ride.”

On April 4, they were spotted to exit from the Mayfair Hotel in London, enjoying time together.

It’s interesting that Naza’s ex-boyfriend, Sean Phillips is also the ex-boyriend of Khloé, Rob’s one sister. But Rob seems didn’t care about it at all. He just showed his love for Naza in recent twitter.

twitterNaza’s twitter has been taken down maybe because she don’t like the public attention?


Naza Jafarian pictures

Kardashian Family Loves Naza Jafarian

Kardashian Family loves Naza too, in fact, Naza were spotted having dinner with Kris Jenner, mother of Rob Kardashian and seems having a good time. Naza, Rob and her mother were spotted headed over to South Molton Street shopping.

Now Rob seems in a healthy relationship, let’s just wait to see the relationship blossom!

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