January 17, 2021

Ned Rocknroll- Richard Branson’s Nephew and Kate Winslet’s boyfriend?

Kate Winslet recently won an Emmy this Sunday, sources said she couldn’t stop talking about her new  boyfriend Ned Rocknroll.Richard’s Branson’ nephew but there is only one problem, he is still married!!!


Richard Branson’s 31 year-old nephew Ned has been referred as his eccentric nephew, his real name is Neal Abel Smith he changed it by Deed Poll. He works at his uncle’s Virgin Galactic as Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience at Virgin Galactic. He is the son of Robert Abel Smith (partner at Mesopotamian Petroleum Development Co) and Lindy Brockway, Mr. Branson’s youngest artistic sister, Ned has one brother plus three more from his mother’s second marriage to Robin Brockway, they are separated. Ned’s Half brother Otto Brockway dated Princess Eugenie.

After two years dating Ned got married on September, 2009 to 23 year-old Eliza Cowdray daughter of Viscount Cowdray, their wedding took place at her family 17,000-acre Sussex estate in a pagan barefoot ceremony with guests that included Princess Beatrice. Eliza’s mother commented sometime before the wedding

They are getting married under our avenue of wellingtonia trees near our meditation pyramid in the garden. They are totally in love. There’s going to be a family lunch for 70. Then lots more people will arrive for the reception, which will go on all afternoon. We are just keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine so we can all stay outdoors. The ceremony involves nature and the four elements  –  earth, wind, fire and water  –  combined with the points of the compass – north, south, east and west. We know J. J. the druid very well. It is sure to be wonderful. Eliza is wearing a white dress which she helped design herself, but all the men are going to wear tails with flamboyant trousers. It will be great fun.’

It seemed that Ned and his wife spilt up on the early months of 2011 and she wanted the divorce, to clear his mind he flew to Necker Island where Kate was staying, sources said they have met before but both were in their own relationships, but not anymore and they really hit it off. They attended  Mr. Branson’s dad memorial service in London, sources close to Kate said she couldn’t be any happier about her new beau. But then what will happened to Mr, Rocknroll’s marriage when is he going to be a free man? Well it seemed that will be  kind of weird Eliza changed her mind about the divorce and want to give her marriage to Ned a second chance. Yikes!!!

I’ve changed my mind about the divorce. I am hoping this will turn out to be more of a break. I have never stopped loving him and we are soulmates. We’re not getting divorced.”

Ned-Rocknroll-imageNed-Rocknroll-imagesNed-Rocknroll-photoNed discusses his experience at Taranaki with Holistic Management® Planned GrazingNed-Rocknroll-picNed-Rocknroll-picsNed-Rocknroll-pictureNed-Rocknroll-picturesNed-Rocknroll-wife-eliza-cowdray-pictureNed-Rocknroll-wife-eliza-cowdray-pictures

Now Check the latest pictures of Ned and Kate together..

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