January 15, 2021

Nikki is Alex Reid’s New Personal Trainer Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, job, pic)

Meet Nikki here. Nikki is Alex Reid’s new girlfriend! Cagefighter Alex Reid confirmed Nikki as his official girlfriend. Nikki has been working as Alex Reid’s personal trainer and she posted to her twitter everyday of the relationship between she and Alex, in fact, she is the first to publish this relationship on her twitter.

“Can`t wait to see my amazing boyfriend and get away from London. Alex Reid love you,” – Nikki

Reid has to respond

“Ok guys, it`s official, I love her.”


Then Alex Reid, this 37 years old Cagefighter confirmed it, more than half a year after Alex split from Chantelle Houghton because of a man, they two had engaged and Houghton gave birth to Dolly, their 10-month-old daughter.

Nikki, why don’t you go to the toilet?
nikki 3
pic from twitter

Nikki posted another photo shows how Alex loves here. Alex Reid’s smiling?

“@AlexReid love u xXx,” she posted.

nikki photo

pic from twitter

Nikki with her friends. Nikki, what’s wrong with your mouth? And your friends’ mouths?

nikki photos

This is the only one normal pictures posted in Nikki’s twitter.

nikki 2