February 28, 2021

Noelle Williams is Moon River Andy Williams’ Daughter

Meet Noelle Williams here, Andy Williams is the only daughter of Andy Williams. Moon River, Can’t Get Use to Losing You amazing singer Andy Williams lost his battle to bladder cancer Tuesday night at the age of 84. He is survived by his wife, sons and only daughter Noelle.

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48-year-old Noelle Williams is the beautiful daughter of the late Andy Williams who died at his home in Branson, MO and his first wife French dancer and singer 70-year-old Claudine Longet, they got married on December 15, 1961.

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Noelle B. Williams was born on September 15, 1963, she was two when her brother Christian and over 7 when her baby brother Bobby was born. Andy and Claudine got divorce in 1975. Her mother was arrested on arch, 1976 charged with the murder of skier Vladimir Sabich who she was dating. During her trial Claudine said Sabich was showing her how the gun worked when it accidentally discharged, she was charged with a lesser charged, ordered to pay a small fine and served 30 days in jail. She got married to her attorney Ron Austin, while her father got married to Debbie Haas in 1991.

Noelle lives in Calabasas, California, before that in 1998 she lived in Agoura Hills, two years later she lived in Agoura Hills and Studio City. I can’t confirm but I do know that Noelle Williams is now married with children, some said her husband is Andrew Johnston other said is Keii Johnston the famous stuntman from Santa Monica who is 49.

As for Noelle’s children I think they are Cody and Keri Claudine Johnston, what do you know?

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7 thoughts on “Noelle Williams is Moon River Andy Williams’ Daughter

  1. Noelle is a lovely mix of her parents, Andy and Claudine. I will forever be grateful for the memories of Andy’s songs, his earlier family of Claudine and children, and the 70s variety show. A terribly talented man has just passed. Rest you, Mr. Williams. Thank you for your songs!

  2. just want too say hello and terribly sorry of the loss of your dad, You might not remember me, we lived in Carbondale, with steve chenowith and tombo? Take care, Kim.

  3. I grew up watching the Andy Williams Show and just love him. So sorry for his passing. I was lucky
    enough to see him perform in Daytona Beach, FL many years ago…. a Christmas show. I still love
    to listen to him and so glad I can put on his music and hear his wonderful voice. Blessings to his family.

  4. Yes, Noelle looks very much like her mother Claudine. She stood by her side when she went on trial in 1977. She was very close to both her parents That was very obvious on Andy’s Christmas specials.

  5. Noelle was married to Keii Johnston. Andrew Johnston is her son.
    Noelle and Keii are divorced, and he has remarried. We do not know
    if she has remarried. Noelle’s children are Andrew Deane Johnston, known as AJ, Keri Claudine Johnston, Cody Johnston, and Sean Johnston.
    Noelle is a grandmother now as her son AJ has a little daughter.

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