October 27, 2020

Pam Behan: The Kardashian Former Family Nanny (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Pam Behan she is the author of the book Kardashian Secrets, she is not just an author but a former nanny of the famous family who worked with them before they became famous.

In Kardashian Secrets former nanny, personal assistant and cook Pam Behan, will tell us about the ups and downs of her relationship with Kris Jenner, she was very fond with the Kardashian girls, and to Bruce however not so much with Jenner’s sons Brody and Brandon who Pam described as utterly  disrespectful and spoil, she said she almost got  fire for slapping Brandon.

Pam Behan began her job as a nanny on July 4th. 1988 when Kris Jenner’s  hired her by that time Kourtney was 12, Kim 10, Khloe 6 and Robert was 4.  Pam’s book will reveall all the tuirth about her time working with the Jenners/ Kardashian with  no fabrications..

“It’s going to be funny, crazy, zany, upbeat, positive stories,”


But does the Kardashians need to worry about what Ms. Behan is about to reveal? not really as a matter of fact she has the nicest things to said about  Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Robert, she even defended Kim about her alleged fake marriage to Kris Humphries..




“She’s 30, she’s in the spotlight and feeling the pressure. And I just think she made a mistake, but at least she admitted it,” she said. “I don’t think she would do that to Kris Humphries otherwise. Kim does not need to get married on TV or anything like that to make money. Kim can make money on her own.

And as for Khloe crazy rumor about her not been a Kardashian.. Pam Behan had nothing to said..

“I can’t say anything for fact that, but I truly believe Khloe is Robert Kardashian’s child. Behan said, then the question was..You believe that? They had an unbelievable bond and I probably go as far as saying that Khloe was Robert’s favorite.. .. Really? He just adored her.”

But what about the dirt, she must have some secret to reveal right? Pam did said that Kourtney almost kill her once. But how?
apparently Kourt was not a god driver and Pam was the lucky one to seat in the seat next to her when she was learning how to drive.

brandon jenner pam behan kardashian nannyBrody And Brandon Jenner pam beham kardashian nanny

Apparently she is looking over her options, she hasn’t close any deal yet, but I just can imagine all the secrets Pam Behan is about to reveal will be very interesting.


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