March 8, 2021

Patty Jobs (Patricia Ann Jobs) is Steve Jobs’ Step Sister (photos, job, networth, wiki)

Meet Patricia Ann Jobs (Patty Jobs) here. The name Patty or even Patricia might evoke no response from all of you. Not until you get to know that she is Steve Jobs’ step sister, or rather adoptive sister. Her full name is Patricia Ann Jobs and she is 55 years old.  She was born on June 24, 1957 and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs when she was an infant and the future founder and CEO Steve Jobs was only about 2 or 3 in age.


Photo from showbizdaily

After the death of Steve Jobs, people are naturally interested in knowing in detail about his childhood, his adopted sister, her whereabouts, and of course how she looks like. Patty has been living in San Francisco for a long time and working in an administrative job in De Anza College for more than 17 years now. Patty and Steve’s mother Clara died at the age of 62 in 1986 because of lung cancer and Paul thereafter married Marylyn. Paul Jobs himself passed away in 1993 but Marylyn still lives with Patty in her old house.

Patty has been helping the crew that is making a movie on the life and times of Steve Jobs by providing them with the detailsPatty-Jobs-Steve-Jobs-Sister_thumb of the early life of Steve Jobs and the time that she spent with him. Ashton Kutcher is the actor who has been roped in to play the character of Steve Jobs in the movie.

Patty has never chosen to be in the limelight for being the sister of such a big man. She married in 1975 and took the surname of her husband. This is the reason no one is aware of her whereabouts at present.


Photo from showbizdaily

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