March 3, 2021

Paula Patton is Robin Thicke’s Hot ex Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Paula Patton, Paula Patton is Robin Thicke’s hot wife and will be his ex-wife more precisely. During 9 years, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have formed a couple, until now when they have decided to let everyone know that they are divorcing, in a mutual agreement.Paula Patton is Robin Thicke's Hot ex Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

The couple is very unlike all the other Hollywood couples. They were high school sweethearts, who managed to almost have a 10 years marriage, until the performance that Thicke had in the 2013 VMA’s with Miley Cyrus. This was the moment when everyone got their attention towards Thicke’s wife and her reaction after the representation that her husband and Myles Cyrus had. Paula Patton managed to be very diplomatic and calm about this situation, stating that it was not such a big deal, despite all the reactions from the public. Unfortunately, Thicke was surprised by the photographers in different postures that did him no good, nor for his reputation of his wives eyes, at the VMAs after party, while trying to reach up a woman’s short dress in a mirror. After this, in January, he was caught kissing another woman on the lips, in the Club 79 West, in Paris. It seems that all these were enough for Paula Patton.?

The latest news said Robin Thicke accepted his marriage Is over finally in March, 2014.

Taking a step back to their relationship:

They met at a very young age, he was 14 and she was 16, at a hip hop club in LA, Balistyx, which led to a beautiful wedding in June 2005. After 5 years, their family became bigger, when their son Julian was born on April 6, 2010.

Thicke gave surprising information about why he loves his wife, saying in an interview “I don’t know what I don’t love about her. I love her but. It’s a nice full size. I love her legs. I love every single part of her, honestly. But I love her butt. I’ll lay my head on her butt and watch TV.”

In an interview that Paula gave before the “Blurred Lines” launch, she admitted she loved the way he looked in the morning, saying that he “looks like a baby —he’ll look at me with his sleepy eyes and smile, on a good day. On a bad day he’s like, ‘Don’t talk to me.’”

Robin proudly says that little Julian is following his dad when it comes to music, and that he loves just spending time with him: “I look forward to every day with him, watching him grow and learn … I want to teach him basketball and Al Green. I want to teach him Michael Jackson and all that fun stuff”.

Robin Thicke is showing no evidence of problems in the couple. He was spotted still wearing his wedding ring when he took his son Julian to Disneyland, which was just days before the couple made the announcement about the separation. Even after all the media appearances about the couple’s separation, Robin was still wearing his wedding ring.

It is stated that now, Robin is trying to win back his wife Paula, by doing what he knows best: he wrote a song and dedicated it to her, talking about their break up to the entire public. He even made this public in one of his concerts in Fairfax, Virginia, where he stated during his performance that he is looking to bring her back to his life.

Paula Patton’s hot photos

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