January 15, 2021

Pauly D “Gatsby” Style Photos: The Great DJ Gatsby Looks Handsome Or Loss of Hair?

Check Pauly D’s  “Gatsby” style photos. Pauly D, the former Jersey Shore cast member posted her new Gatsby look that was nearly unrecognizable!

He slicked down and away of his hair from the forehead and matched his Gatsby hairstyle with a crisp white shirt, suit and tie. His outfit was different from his previous look! Just check below.

Pauly D Gatsby Style Photos

What do you think of Pauly D’s new look? Some of his fans said it “handsome” while some others joked at his new look as: Loss of hair!

Pauly D revealed his hair care secrets to Us weekly that he usually spends more than 20 minutes each day to perfect his hair style and he flew home for his hair cute each week! Back in 2009, he told NY daily that his hairstyle “definitely stands out” because most of people had no idea how to do the right hair style.

Do you like Great DJ Gatsby Look?