March 5, 2021

Cass Mapother Is Tom Cruise Sister (PHOTOS, wiki, bio)

Meet Cass Mapother here! We rarely see  Tom Cruise family in public, I guess the last we saw any of them was at his and Katie’s wedding in 2006, but today after his whole messy  third divorce and finally reuniting with  daughter Suri, his sister Cass Mapother, showed up.

Tom Cruise sister Cass Mapother pic

One of Tom Cruise’s three sister Cass Mapother joined him and daughter Suri in New York where she was seen at Greenwich hotel with her arms full of  stuff animals.

What  is there about Tom’s sis Cass? way too little, what we know is that Cass Mapother was born  to Thomas Mapother III and electrical engineer  and Mary Lee Mapother a special education teacher, she has three siblings, brother Tom, and sisters Marian a teacher and Lee Ann a publicist, Cass is a restaurateur.

Growing up in the Mapother household was not easy, they didn’t have enough money and her father’s job required  for  them to keep moving from town to the next, things didn’t get any easier when Cass’s parents divorced. Her mom soon remarried Joseph South, her father lost his battle to cancer in 1994.

Cass Mapother has been married three times, her first husband was Artie Lesavoy with whom she had her first child, after she divorced Artie she wedded Tim Darmody, father of her two younger sons, Adem and Liam, according to some media fitter her second divorced the boys stayed with their father and she got married to the the head of Criminology in LA, South African Greg Capazioro. They are still together.

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2 thoughts on “Cass Mapother Is Tom Cruise Sister (PHOTOS, wiki, bio)

  1. It’s amazing to me how the American public is still horrified at Cruise’s couch jumping but have turned a blind eye to his incessant profanity and promotion of sexual immorality for the past 30 years. His influence on children and teens has been abhorrent. Also, his embrace of an occultic-based ‘faith’ that ‘promises’ not forgiveness, mercy, peace and eternal life as Jesus does, but millions of reincarnations, and “power’ over alien spirits? It also provides no remedy for man’s sin nature which prevents him from approaching an awesome, righteous and holy God. (Romans 3:23) Cruise confesses to a metal box with wires but the Bible says that the real ‘auditor’ is the Holy Spirit of God, who searches man’s heart, soul, mind and spirit. (Hebrews 4:12)

    Good for Katie for having the guts to stand up to the evil David Miscaviage and the “Lyin-tology” machine but the influence of Cruise’s brainwashed family is still looming. While those who trust Christ alone for their salvation (yes, John 3:16) look forward to an eternity without sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4) sadly, Cruise and all Scientologists face the same eternal doom as their false “messiah”, a disturbed science fiction writer who beat his wives, embraced occultism and declared himself the antichrist. “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

  2. Please enough of the Bible recitation. You are under the assumption that everyone believes and follows the words of a book that has been translated time and time again! It should be used as a historical book, but the way of life when this book was written does not fit our modern day society. We have laws and law enforcement to keep people on the right path. I’m not saying I don’t believe in God (or a creator), but we have to stop mixing the spiritual realm with the real world. There is no one that knows without a doubt that what church teaches us is true. I personally believe that religion should be a personal thing. After all, it is only what is between me and God that counts. What man says or does matters none. I personally believe we should stop pushing our personal beliefs on everyone else and allow others to freely believe the way they want (the same freedom you have).
    There are many religions. Each saying that theirs is the one, and forbidding everyone to believe in the other. So who is right? NO ONE KNOWS! Reciting a verse out of a book written hundreds of years ago does not make it right. Besides, do you think everyone spoke in Old English the way the Bible is written? Which version is right? Churches are made and administered by man. Many of these men are thieves. Anything that man has a hand in will have errors. This is why I believe religion should be left to each individual, and if these individuals decide to believe the same (churches) then they should respect other peoples beliefs. This is how our country was created (separation of church and state) and I still see contradictions from hardline christians that continue to force their beliefs on everyone else.

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