March 5, 2021

PHOTOS: Svetlana Gavrilovic is Prince Harry Croatian Party Girl

Meet stunning Svetlana Gavrilovic a Croatian model with whom Prince Harry was seen at the Veneranda Nightclub in in the island of Hvar, Croatia. Wouldn’t you just love to hear more about her, I thought you’ll say that check below!


According to the DailyMail Prince Harry was seen dancing and diving into the popular nightclub in Croatia, after jhe changed his wet shirt into a dry one given by the Club’s manager Prince Harry hit the bar he was seen chatting with the girls who were according to witnesses giving him a cold shoulder but once they notice who he was, they followed him like puppies.

Sanja Britt Jusic Veneranda’s marketing manager said Harry went up to kiss a lot of girls, but none on the lips, you can see him  hugging one blondie right here.


But when he and his buddy Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip left the nightclub two hours later Harry walked away with two different girls, in fact two Croatian models; one was aspired 23 year-old model Ana Simovic and our girl Svetlana, who said the following about her encounter with the young handsome Prince..

“He was a true gentleman, very nice and polite. He noticed us and came over to say “Hi”. I was very surprised by how approachable he was.”

28 year-old Svetlana Gavrilovic is a senior marketing management in Osijek she went to the Secondary Economic School in Vukovar graduated on 2002 and then enrolled at the Sveuèilište JJ Strossmayer ‘ in Osijek and left on 2009. Besides modeling at the Weltrusky Agency, Zagreb in Croatia she is part of  AIESEC (international internship, global talent sourcing, leadership opportunities, youth development, young management, student, recent graduates ) Sveltana send six month in New York from June, 2008 to November  when she joined CCUSA the International summer camp Jobs and Work group. Media said Svetlana Gavrilovic claimed she was a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and added that she is a quite popular nightclub hotness.


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