December 1, 2020

Pia Pearce is Snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s Mother

Pia Pearce, her husband and the rest of her family played an important role in Kevin Pearce’s recovery, two years ago he had a terrible accident, today he is back on his board.

Pia Pearce Kevin Pearce mother photos

The injury that Pia Pearce’s youngest son Kevin suffered two years ago was every mother’s worst nightmare, she was told he’s have to learn to walk again, he’ll suffered memory loss and impaired vision, but for miracles no one does it better that God and that is just what happened to Kevin, he had the determination to be the way he used to be, his family have him all of their love and support and today two years later he is back to snowboarding.

Patricia aka Pia Pearce from New Jersey got married to her husband Simon Pearce 32 years ago who as you all known is the the Irish/ British glass and pottery artist. Pia is the proud mother of four amazing sons 30 year-old Andrew, 23 year-old Kevin, 27 year-old Adam and 25 year-old David who is a Special Olympian who has down syndrome. Pia holds a master’s and a doctorate in education, and is involve in her hubby’s business.

Pia Pearce’s son injured himself on Dec. 31, 2009 while a halfpipe training in Utah, where he hit his forehead and was left unconscious, he was rushed to e University of Utah Medical Center, after showing some remarkable improvements he was transferred to Graig Hospital in Denver and finally coming home in Vermont on June, 2010.

Pia appeared next to her son in an interview with Matt Lauer, which you can see below.

We take this opportunity not just to congratulate Kevin for his amazing courage, throughout his recovery but also his family especially his parents Simon and our lovely lady Pia Pearce.

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