November 23, 2020

Pregnant Kim Kardashian looking for baby Names, does not Crave junk Food

Heartthrob of millions of men around the world, and the number one pinup girl around the world, Kim Kardashian is 1364213403_kim-kardashian-lgpregnant. The 32 year diva and her current partner, Kanye West is busy looking for a name for the upcoming baby girl. There were reports earlier in media that the baby girl would be named North. However, though Kim agrees that settling on a name beginning with K would be ideal with both her as well as her partner’s names beginning with K, she says that most of the names they are toying with do not begin with K.

Unlike most pregnant women who report cravings for unusual food that is also stale and decadent, Kim says she does feel any cravings for junk food. She says this is really upsetting as she thought she would be going home after eating junk food at McDonalds and Taco Bell but she does not feel the urge to indulge in junk food at all. Also, because her baby bump has received media attention more than she would have wanted, the star actress has decided not to eat junk food for the better health of her baby girl.


Kim is a normal pregnant lady without unusual cravings

images (1)Kim says she is fed up of being projected as a 200 pound pregnant woman by the media. She says she has seen the covers of 2-3 magazines that say she has gained weight in a wild manner. This is certainly not true and off the mark by at least 60 pounds. This is because she has gained weight in a normal manner just like any other pregnant woman. It is not though that Kim would have minded putting on that extra weight. This is because she has a big sweet tooth and loves to eat junk food. However, ever since she has become pregnant, she does not feel like eating junk food at all. So what does the sexiest mama of all times eat when she does not have cravings for junk food? This might come as a surprise for many people out there, but the mama to be loves to eat carrot and celery with ranch. She has it at least once a day and she also has her protein bar once a day. We are sure such a healthy diet would turn out to be extremely beneficial for the baby girl.

Talking about the name for the baby girl, the sexy starlet said that her rapper boyfriend and she herself are in no hurry settlingimages on a name as it is still a lot of time for the baby to arrive. She added that Kanye West wants something unique and not a run of the mill name for the baby.

Getting pregnant with the rapper boyfriend has not been a joyride for the 32 year old actress as her divorce with her ex-husband NBA star Kris Humphries has not been settled yet. In fact, she is quick to add that knowing she was pregnant was nothing like amazing or feeling great.