February 27, 2021

Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Sad news in the sports world coming out of the Nashville area. Rob Bironas, billed as one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL lost his life in a car accident, he was 36. He died less than a mile from the home he shared with his wife Rachel Bradshaw, daughter of football great Terry Bradshaw.Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Bironas was said to be driving at excessive speeds when his 2009 GMC truck he was driving took a curve too fast and crashed. Authorities are saying Bironas died instantly of his injuries. Bironas a newlywed having only married Bradshaw in June, did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system. His father in law Terry, was not at his commenting gig on Fox NFL Sunday, so he could by his daughter’s side. Rachel Bradshaw,25, is an aspiring country music singer, who has struggled to step away from the shadow of her very famous father, Terry. Bradshaw has been a performer since the age of nine where she grew up in Dallas, Texas. Bradshaw performed as a singer at various trade shows, country fairs, and rodeos throughout Texas for several years, always with the support and watchful eye of her mother. Her mother Charla Hopkins is an attorney and the 3rd wife of Terry Bradshaw, she has a sister Erin. Bradshaw and Rachel’s mother Charla divorced after 16 years of marriage. She credits her father Terry, for introducing her to country music, and says it was playing in her house growing up.

Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas 2

Bradshaw graduated from Belmont University in Memphis only three years ago. She was writing songs while a student there, she collaborated on a best selling country western song, “What Do You Want.” It was recorded by singer, Jerrod Niemann, Bradshaw sang backup vocals on the song. She had her first major singing tour this past January while she was still dating Bironas, who was then a kicker for the Tennessee Titans Football team. She signed a record deal with ‘Nashville’s Bigger Picture Group’ in 2012, however her debut album was released this past April. Career wise Bradshaw was on the fast track for success. Her personal life seemed rosy as well, with a new marriage to Bironas less then three months ago. She embarked on a musical tour with country singer Josh Turner this past winter, to rave reviews. Her father former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, and her then fiance Bironas were seen at many appearances on her tour, lending their support. Back in January when Bradshaw was interviewed about her upcoming tour and wedding, she said she never thought she would marry an athlete, but you can’t predict who you’re going to love she said. She also said that Bironas and her father got along very well and had become good friends. In November she sang the National Anthem before a Steelers game in Heinz Field, her then fiance and father were both in the stands rooting her on. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. Handlers who managed by Bradshaw and Bironas’ business affairs, are asking for privacy.


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