March 5, 2021

Rachel Uchitel and Husband Matt Hahn Honeymon Pictures

26 year-old Matt Hahn and his wife 36 year-old Rachel Uchitel are official husband and wife, they  are celebrating their honeymoon in beautiful Mexico and we have gathered their ultra hot  honeymoon pics that certainly includes sexy vixen Rachel in a skimpy bikini, no worries girls Matt is also showing some skin!

Rachekl Uchitel Matt Hahn honeymoon pic

We all know that the first time Rachel Uchitel’s name came into our  computer screen was not nice,  she is one of the 12 alleged mistresses Golfer Tiger Woods had, she also loss her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks and might had a little fling with David Boreanez and Jaime Bergman who is currently Elin Nordegren’s boyfriend ( Elin  in case you don’t know is Tiger’s ex wife, who dumped him after the whole 12 harem of mistresses was revealed).

Putting that behind her Rachel open her heart to love again, the lucky guy is 26 year-old Matt  from Dix Hills, New York a former St. Anthony’s Catholic School student, Penn State football player, former Allied North America  employee and Broker Assistant at Allied North America Insurance.

Check Matt Hahn biography right here

Back on April we heard he and Rachel were moving in together and just last month they got married in La-s Vegas.

Rachel uchitell matt hahn wedding pictureRachel uchitell matt hahn wedding pictures

Well today the newlyweds are enjoying the warm waters and sunny beaches  of Mexico and revealing their toned bodies.

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