February 28, 2021

Raffles van Exel Whitney Houston’s Friend Remove Evidence from her Hotel Room

Whitney Houston cause of death was cocaine use and accidental drowning, but why  there wasn’t any trace of drugs in her hotel room? who removed this vital evidence? a man has been named as the person responsible for removing all evidence, his name is Raffles van Exel, who many referred as Whitney’s closest friend, but who really is he?? Was he the person who gave Whitney the drugs too??

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Last Month the music world loss an icon, Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in the bathtub at her hotel room in Los Angeles, just a day before Music’ greatest awards, The Grammys. After her tragic death photos of Whitney dead were leaked, most of them published by the National Enquirer, most of them turn out to be a fake, but they sure caused quite a stir, when they were released.

One in particular with Whitney in her casket was like the last drop  in Houston’s family, glass of water, worst of all was to find out that the person responsible for leaking that personal pic was allegedly Whitney Houston’s closest friend 32 year-old Raffles van Exel, it was also rumored that he also took the pictures of Whitney’s room, showing off  her last meal these pictures were sold to TMZ.

Check Whitney Houston’s casket leaked pics here

Check Whitney Houston’;s hotel room leaked pics here

Just 4 days after Whitney’s death van Exel came forward to the police and revealed to them that he was the one who removed  the evidence from the late singer’s room, what exactly did he removed? unknown, why? also unknown? was he protecting Whitney’s reputation? I don’t think so Was he saving his butt? probably Was he the person who gave cocaine to Whitney? that’s is  very good question!

“The room had to be emptied. Someone had to do it,”

I am sure police and Whitney’s family are keen to know why and what did van Exel remove and whether or not was he the person who provide drugs to Mrs. Houston? Jezz, if that is true, he would be in one hell of a problem!!

Here is a little info about Raffles van Exel..

Dutch man Raffles van Exel, once said he is R&B singer George Benson’s son, he referrers to him as a respected entertainment consultant/ Producer, responsible for guiding some big stars to success..

“Quinton Aaron from the smash hit The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, Peter Lamas CEO and founder of Lamas beauty, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, Lance Bass (Founding member of iconic pop group, N’Sync), Flavor Flav of the iconic rap group Public Enemy and of the “Flavor of Love” fame, George Benson, and the late Ray Charles. Raffles van Exel has produced for The Queen of Salsa – the late and great Celia Cruz, funk pioneer George Clinton, Sisqo, Nick Cannon, Howie Dorough (Founding member of Grammy nominated group, The Backstreet Boys), rap icon and actor Ice-T, and a host of other artists.”

Raffles van Exel founded CEO of Raffles Entertainment, LLC in 2002. He has been a close friend of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston for years.

His wrongdoing over the years took us back when he was living for a while with the man he said was his father “Give Me the Night” singer George Benson, and van Exel disappeared but with him so were $25.000 from Benson’s home.

Raffles van Exel was arrested over a decade ago for shoplifting, he has been deported several times, it was believed he was Michael Jackson’s confident and Whitney Houston’s drug supplier,  worst of all is that some are sure Pat and Gary Houston knew, they also knew he cleaned all the drug from Whitney’s room and were aware he took and sold the pictures of her in the tub, even so they invited him to travel in the jet with them to attend the funeral.

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