March 8, 2021

Reddit’s Aaron Swartz Survived by his family and Girlfriend

Reddit’s co-funder Aaron Swartz was found dead at his New York Apartment of apparent suicide, at the age of 26, Aaron leaves behind his wonderful family father Robert, Mother Susan and brother Noah and Ben, Swartz was not married but he did have a girlfriend.


26-year-old Aaron Swarts creator of DemandProgreess, co-funder of Reditt, co-writer of RSS 1.0., and so much much had a long history of depression, but the worst for him was his trial against JSTOR, he was charged with downloading files from JSTOR  thru the MIT network, he was charged with of wire fraud and computer fraud, pleaded not guilty to all charges on September, 2012.

He starred in several documentaries such as the 2005’s Aardvark’d: 12 Weeks with Geeks in 2007 in Steal This Film and Steal This Film II and this year Aaron would be in War Of the Web currently filming.

Swartz also help in the development of the website and Infogami which later merged with Reddit, after Reddit was sold to Codenet( Wired Mag) he moved to Frisco and worked for them, but eventually became disappointed of the direction the company took and left. In 2007 he created Jottit along Simon Carstensen.

Aaron born in Chicago on November 8th, 19986 was the eldest son of Robert Swartz and his wife Susan Swartz. He had two younger brother Noah and Benjamin.

Read about Aaron Swartz’s mother Susan here.

Aaron Swartz was not married and didn’t have any children, there is some confirmation about who is Aaron Swarzs’ Terin who found him hanging.

And there is also an article about an ex-girlfriend Quinn  who wrote  a beautiful article about Aaron.

Find Aaron Swartz on Twitter here,

Our here at Fandaily would like to send our deepest condolences to Aaron Swartz’ family, friends during this difficult, he brought love, happiness and help to  many people around the globe.

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3 thoughts on “Reddit’s Aaron Swartz Survived by his family and Girlfriend

  1. All that Fame and Ambition,only to just give up & Swing and do the twitch. What a waste of one’s life.

  2. I really want to give up my life just like Aaron Swartz because he was such a fantastic man but he did”nt have the strength to cope with is mind and he had to excape the preasure of his job? I am a disabled unemployed, English man and I live in a isolated flat with my little friend a Yorkshire terrier who keeps me motivated, I love her?
    I am not looking for sad but happiness but England is dying so I wish to leave when I can to another country?
    I hope that Aaron’s family can look in the future and never forget the memories that Aaron left behind for all to enjoy including his love, God bless him, from Perry Holley

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