March 8, 2021

Rich Liss Is Steve Harvey’s dear friend from Orlando.

Steve Harvey was celebrating his 54th birthday with the audience on his talk shown and even though he asked for no surprises, one came via satellite from Orlando, Florida it was his longtime friend Rich Liss, what makes him so special that Harvey was in tears just by the sound of  his voice?

steve harvey rich liss becky liss

30-year-old Steve Harvey was struggling to make money at that time he owned a small carpet cleaning business, but no  matter how much he tried to get a job the right doors didn’t seemed to open, until one man Rich Liss and his beloved wife Becky gave Harvey a chance.

Rich Liss’s support for Harvey didn’t stop there by the time he was 27 struggling as a comedian with no money, it was Mr. Liss who gave him an account at his travel agency. Harvey moved out of Cleveland and they years passed but the friendship and loved between these two friends linger.

Rich Liss was the person on satellite call into the studio who identified himself and then asked Harvey Do You Still Love Me Baby?

Harvey broke down to tears, and Rich told him he was still wating for his answer, Harvey managed to tell him “I Love you, man.”

Better see that for yourselves..

This is a little something Fandaily can tell you about Rich Liss and his wife Becky Liss..

67-year-old Richard Isaac Liss was born on September 27, 1945, he is married to his 63-year-old wife Rebecca S. Liss born on July 24, 1949.

We might be wrong but there is a possibility,Rich an Becky Liss are the proud parents of David, Heather, and Eric. Correct us if we are wrong.

steve harvey rich liss becky liss photosteve harvey rich liss becky liss picturesteve harvey rich liss becky liss pic

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