January 25, 2021

Rihanna Makes Kids Wait for Hours at a Charity Event

imagesWe all know about the traffic jams in Chicago and how they can make anyone miss an event altogether, but to find even celebrities get stuck in these traffic jams is a little interesting. This is just what happened on March 22 when pop diva Rihanna got stuck in a traffic jam in the city and turned up quite late at a charity event at Barrington High School in Chicago.

Chicago Tribune reported that the singer and actress, who was supposed to greet the students who had won a contest that she sponsored, arrived nearly 4 hours late at the event. The event was all about students filmed while doing charity work and Rihanna had to give away awards to the best videos made by students that depicted their charity related efforts.

Talking about the event she was to participate, the 25 year old actress and singer had Tweeted that she was very excited to be a part of this endeavor and was desperately waiting to meet the kids who had done the good work. She even went on to say that she would love to meet these kids who happen to be an inspiration for many other people.

Pop diva kept tweeting while she was stuck in the traffic jam
However, the desire to be with the kids did not materialize soon as the dreadful Chicago traffic kept Rihanna’s car stuck for1364156017_rihanna-late_1 several hours. The signing sensation even posted the photo of her car stuck in the traffic jam on Twitter However, even as she was waiting for the traffic jam to clear, Rihanna shared some more facts about the good work done by the kids at Barrington High School. She Tweeted about the fact that the kids from the school raised money of more than 40 thousand dollars for people affected by Tornado that hit the city of Missouri last year in May. She went on to praise the kids further for their effort in raising $700000 for the help of American Cancer Society.

Lauds the efforts of the kids
This was not all if one goes by the Tweets of the singing star. The students of the High School joined hands with Gigi’s Playhouse, a centre that works for awareness about Down’s syndrome, and helped raise $245000 for them by creating a video about their efforts. Rihanna kept on praising the efforts of the kids at this High School as she further revealed the fact that the students of this High School go to South Dakota to help raise money for the people of the native American Community. She informed all her fans that these students raised $35000 last year to help in building houses and fulfilling other needs of the people of the community.rihanna-net-worth

According to Chicago Tribune, many students of the school were cross with the star fro arriving late but their anger melted soon as the star mixed up with the students and showed interest in their efforts of charity. She even thanked the students and the crowd that had gathered for being so patient.