October 27, 2020

Robert Dewey Hoskins Madonna’s Stalker

Madonna  like many other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry has a crazy stalker, Madonna’s stalker is Robert Dewey Hoskins who recently escaped from the mental hospital he was  been in for  the past ten years.

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In April 1995, 54 year-old Robert Dewey Hoskins scaled a wall surrounding entertainer Madonna’s home and proceeded to the courtyard adjacent to the living quarters. Madonna’s bodyguard Basil Stephens, scared Dewey Hoskins away. He returned the next day and was rebuffed by Madonna’s personal assistant Caresse Henry. Dewey Hoskins grew enraged and threatened to kill Henry and Madonna. Dewey Hoskins also threatened to kill Stephens. Hoskins told Stephens that if Madonna didn’t marry Hoskins that evening, he would slice her throat from ear to ear

Weeks later Robert Dewey Hoskins returned to the house  scaled the wall, he was confronted by Stephens, Hoskins once again threatened to kill him. This time, Hoskins lunged for the bodyguard’s holstered gun and shot twice by the bodyguard.

In January 1996, Hoskins was brought to trial for the charges of stalking and making a terrorist threat against Madonna, her  and personal assistant, Caresse Henry plus assaulting Madonna’s bodyguard Basil Stephens.

Madonna testified at the trial that she was still having nightmares about Hoskins eight months after these incidents occurred, she added that it made her sick to her stomach to be in the same room as Robert Dewey Hoskins. The jury found him guilty of all charges, and sentenced him to 10 years in state prison, even from jail he continued to stalked Madonna.

According’ to media Robert Dewey Hoskins was released from prison in 2004 where his inmates referred to him as “Material Guy”, after that he was in and out of several mental institutions, more recently he was Metropolitan State Hospital in the LA suburb of Norwalk, from where he simply walked out on February 3rd. It is believed he took a bust to Long Beach. Police are still searching for him.

Doctor at the State Hospital said Dewey Hoskins  is highly psychotic and can be extremely violent and should not be approached by members of the public if not medicated, let’s not forget this is the same man that once said when he was released he was going to get a gun and shoot the stars, added that he knew that when he attacked Basil Stephens, that he [Stephens] was really “Madonna in male form” and that Madonna’s spirit could leave her body and become someone else

In  60 year-old Robert Linhart a retired FDNY firefighter was arrested twice outside of her Upper West Side apartment.

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  1. Oddly enough there was never any mention of Hoskins real family or children. I know he had a son, I was the boys counselor. Splitting image of his father Robert. That seems to be one well kept secret!

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