January 20, 2021

Roberta Marchisio is Juventus Claudio Marchisio Wife

25 year-old Italian midfielder playing for Juventus Claudio Marchisio has some gorgeous wife of his own Roberta Marchisio who is also the mother of his children? children? oh yeah, Roberta and Claudio Marchisio are expecting baby number two, but let’s find out more about Roberta How to Buy Property with No Money and Bad Credit

Claudio Marchisio born in Chieri, Italy has been playing for Juventus since 2006, he was on a loan in Empoli from 2007 to 2008 but he is back with Juve and as usual his wife Roberta is by his side, Roberta whose maiden name is Roberta Sinopoli is no stranger to soccer not just because soccer happens to be Italy’s most famous sport but because her father used to be a soccer player himself for Torino team.

Claudio and Roberta got married on June, 2008, their first Child Davine (named after Chieri’s awesome player David Grandin) was born on August 2009, today Roberta Marchisio and her soccer hubby announced she is pregnant again. Roberta and Claudio Marchisio have his and her tattoos on the inside of their arms (well actually his and hers birth dates).

Roberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife-picsRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife imagesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife-imagesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife imageRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife picsRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife photosRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife picRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife picturesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_imageRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife photoRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_imagesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_photoRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_picRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_picturesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife imageRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_pictureRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wifeimageRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife-imageRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife_photosRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife-photo© poolsardegna 2011 / lapresse<br />
14-06-2011 Olbia, Sardegna, Italia<br />
Spettacolo Claudio Marchisio con la moglie Roberta e il figlio Federico in spiaggia in Costa Smeralda<br />
Nella foto Claudio Marchisio con la famiglia</p>
<p>Attenzione:<br />
Nei servizi fotografici in cui compaiono minori, se non espressamente dichiarato, s'intende che non ci sia nessuna autorizzazione da parte dei genitori del minore alla pubblicazione delle foto senza prottegerne il loro viso.01-00203991000002Roberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife imagesRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife picRoberta_Marchisio_Claudio_Marchisio_wife-pic01-00203991000007

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