October 26, 2020

Robin Baum- Johnny Depp Publicist/ Mistress???

On the cover of InTouch Magazine you will be  able to see a picture of Johnny Depp kissing a woman who is not Vanessa Paradis, but according to the Magazine is  his publicist Robin Baum with whom he allegedly had an affair.

Although Vanessa Paradis said she and Johnny are not separating at the premiere of Café Dew Flore where she attended with her sister Alysson, but the picture of Johnny and his publicist Robin Baum which Hellooooo!!!! In Touch is not even new, back in April the French magazine Voici reported about Johnny possible cheating on Vanessa was released, Paradis turned down all rumors..

‘It’s lies,’ confirms Vanessa‘s spokeswoman. ‘You heard rumors but it’s not true.’

Here is the famous pic——————–>>> Robin Baum Johnny Depp publicist pic

It looks more like Robin is telling his something, they are at an airport there must be a lot of noise, by the way her mouth is so wide open looks like she was yelling, and not ready to get the tongue.

Robin Braun who is believe to be in her late 30’s is a divorce mother of two. She worked at PMK/HBH Public Relations before funding Slate PR along PR vet Ina Treciokas, Stephen Huvane, Robin Baum and Andy Gelb and ultimately Simon Halls. She has has been Depp’s publicist  for quite some time, he also is Daniel Craig and Orlando Bloom’s publicist, and well you might remember for three months she worked with Taylor Lautner, but she was force to dropped him, because his father Daniel is not the weetest guy to work with. Robin also once was  Stephen Dorff’s publicist with whom she allegedly got romantically involved with

Robin Baum Johnny Depp publicist imageRobin Baum Johnny Depp publicist photoRobin Baum Johnny Depp publicist picRobin Baum Johnny Depp publicist picsRobin Baum Johnny Depp publicist photosRobin Baum Johnny Depp publicist pictureIT1206 COVER FINAL A1.indd

More pics of Robin and Johnny below!

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